Mar 22, 2013

What the heck/Semana Santa

Saw this guy on the beach the other day.

I was beginning to get concerned I would have to go out and render first aid.

I guess he was having fun but all the little kids were standing by watching him and dreaming for their turn.

If you must know, he starts out by kneeling on the seat and then lowering his feet down.

Lots of activity all up and down the beach. The locals are getting ready for Semana Santa.

Palapas are being built and remodelled. The entire community is in a beehive of activity.  This is the opportunity to make a lot of money over the next few weeks.  We are seeing new vendors on the beach selling beach umbrellas, candy, different clothes and toys.  A surfboard rental area has been set up.  Likely there will be a few new restaurants open over the next few days.  Semana Santa (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday ) starts this weekend and Semana Pascua ( Resurrection Sunday until the following Saturday) ends April 7th.  Today is the last day of school for two weeks.

New vendor on the beach, I thinks he will be selling cocos.

These thin sticks are the beginning of a few young boys enterprise for Semana Santa. I shall be watching to see what it is all about. The dog in the photo has become the new boyfriend to the girls. FYI the white building in behind is a shrimp farm.

The tide is very very high this morning and will remain so for the next week.  It is going to be interesting to see the hoards of beach goers coping with this.  Most hotels in Mazatlan are 100% booked so there will be some beach tenters.

This morning Colin and I are off to the Golden Zone to try and get some pesos from the HSBC bank.  Wish us luck.

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3 Responses to “What the heck/Semana Santa”

  1. Trent and Teresa says:

    Hi Contessa !!

    We still check in with you every day, and are glad to see you had a nice winter.

    Hopefully, you can access your account and get some much needed moola … lol.

    We enjoy all your wonderful photos and sunsets.

    Take care … TnT

  2. Good luck with the banking.

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