Mar 15, 2013

Ships, shrimp and sunset

Looks like it is becoming more official. The cruise ships are coming back to Mazatlan.

Both Holland America and Norwegian cruise lines plan at least 10 arrivals by the end of 2013 and between 25 – 30 arrivals over the  first half of 2014.

So now you can drive/RV here, fly here and now cruise here once again.

Working on our trip home and miles and stops, yesterday. My brain is still tired.

We cooked the last of the shrimp we had in the freezer. The pineapple really added to the flavor. Colin got the potato while I had quinoa.

So many pelicans come to the small island across from us to roost for the night.

The colors in the sky are changing by the minute.

Quite amazing and a new show every night.

I love how the clouds seem to be falling from the sky.


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3 Responses to “Ships, shrimp and sunset”

  1. More awesome sunset photos again and agreat looking dinner too.

  2. Peter says:

    Breathtakingly yummy!

  3. Elaine says:

    great shots C…..

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