Mar 06, 2013

Not doing well…

Well Colin is alright and having a fabulous time in Culiacan other than the fact that he can’t get the laptop beyond the password needed stage to send out an email.  So other than the comment section of my blog we are unable to communicate.

It is Carmeh, who really is her Daddy’s little girl, that is not doing well.  She seemed fine yesterday.  Last night she would not come to bed with Caeli and I but slept on the sofa facing the RV door waiting.

This morning she did not want to eat her breakfast and when taken on her morning walk she threw up, the usual yellow froth, often a sign that a dog needs food.  Back home she still would not eat and from time to time during the morning ate grass and vomited.  I got down on the floor to play with her in order to get her to eat which is something Colin does with her.  She just turned away from me.  Finally I gave in and gave her 2 tiny pieces of her favorite treat.  She refused them and even laid down to sleep without eating them.

Just a few minutes ago she once again vomited but on the sofa and there was a tiny bit of bright red blood in it.  Not a good sign.  Even worse I could hear her stomach gurgling loudly and constantly.  She is looking at me with such sad eyes asking me to fix her but I don’t know what is wrong.  I don’t know what to do.  I just hope she is not too much pain.

Fortunately this is Wednesday and our Vet back home in Kelowna is open until  8PM PST ( 7PM my time ) so I will wait a few hours and see how she is before making the call.  She could just be very hungry or she could be having a recurrence of her chronic GI problems which is not good.

I also know that if I have to take her into Mazatlan to see the vet someone here will take me in so all I can is wait and see.  It is a cool and breezy afternoon so I will just sit and cuddle with her.

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11 Responses to “Not doing well…”

  1. marty says:

    She really loves Colin.

  2. colin in Culiacan says:

    Hola love
    Please let me know re Carmeh. Will cancel festival and come home if needed. I will ry to do mini blog today. Much to do here. Email will not cooperate so talk in blog comments or blog participation. Ukraine guitarist winner of competition. Last year Russian guitarist won.


  3. colin in Culiacan says:

    Muy confuso,para email; muy dif’icil y posiblimente imposible. Ahora no recibo email. Solo comunicado para ti en comment de blogo famosa. Otro problema es no dicctionario conmigo. Es en mi casa en Isla de la piedra Caramba! Necesita pienso rapido aqui.


  4. Contessa says:

    Colin, now I am confused. Are you saying you are not able to open my emails to you. I thought you could but could just not reply. Perhaps only at Heriberto’s you can open email.

    Let me know if you can’t get my gmail. Can you open your gmail?

    At the moment Carmeh is resting and her stomach is not so loud.

    I contacted your client and have the info. Monday is okay.

  5. colin in Culiacan says:

    No receive email at university or Heriberto home, no email, no gmail. Only can see blog comments. Email keeps asking for password and refuses my entries.


    • contessa says:

      Colin…NOW you tell me!!! I have been sending you tons of messages via our Gmail accts. Perhaps you can check them on Chris’s computer…included were a dozen solutions for your password problems plus request to call me. For sure next year you also get a MExican cell phone. Anyway Carmeh is no longer gurgling but has a fever, I think. She did take 2 sips of water just 20 minutes ago. If I need you I will call Heriberto.

      Sorry about the email thing…I did not realize you could only see it on their computer….muy complicado. We are okay but awaiting your return. Please say hello to all mi amigos in Culiacan.

      Please be sure you sort everything out re the arrival here on the 25th and that they have contacted the house owner. Need to know how many are coming here.

    • contessa says:

      Colin…my MX cell # is 669 187 85 16. Perhaps just use their phone and offer to pay for the call. I will leave it turned on for now. No need to call but if you want to.

  6. Renee says:

    Hi Contessa:

    I am a frequent reader of your blog from California. My pup is a picky too! I do two things for him (both suggested by two Vets, Dr. Marco there in Maz and our local vet in California.)

    1. 1/2 (10mg) of Pepcid Ac (drug name famotidine), I stick in in a tiny peice of cheese which they can’t resist or I stick it down his throat. This will settle her stomach. 2.Then I give him pieces of boiled chicken breast (no fat or skin) with a little white rice (NOT brown). A day of two if this and we are normally back on track.

    They other thing Dr. Marco recommended was two small meal (morning & night), which has also helped tremendously! I hope this helps!!

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the blog and thanks for the comment Renee. I really need to get some of that Pepcid AC as someone mentioned it years ago. it is now on my list. I do know about the rice and chicken and have done that many times but this time I think she was just refusing to eat because Colin was gone and made herself sick.

      Interesting you know about Dr. Marco here in Mazatlan. You must have been here before. We see Dr. Rafael Santiago from la Jungla.

  7. colin in Culiacan says:

    The world famous blog saves the day. I got all your emails up to 12:36 pm today. Not knowing you were sending emails, thought all was well. Don’t know why our telus account rejects the passwords we had. Not able to use telus as a back up. Heriberto’s old computer we used last year is not working. Today his car stopped working. Sleeping about 4 hours a night. Wake up too early every day and listen to birds and traffic.
    Very inspired with Maestros, new playing techniques, new friends and activities. Wish you could meet Berta Rojas. Maybe we go to Paraguay to visit. Ricardo Gallen and David Russell said – please say hello and give hugs to Contessa for us. I am very happy, just a little tired.


    • contessa says:

      Hola mi amore…..good thing your car is there. Can you ask David and Maria why they came back to Culiacan this year? I am curious as they usually ever only go to one place ever so they can sitesee after. I had sent you many options for the passwords but perhaps you never got them. I will not put them on my blog.

      Sorry you are tired but I know you are loving it. Kevin is unable to come for Friday but hopes to next year.

      Helene just took Caeli to her RV for awhile and I will bring her meal there later. Carmeh really is very hot and limpid and laying that funny way she does when her stomach is sore. I think I will just not feed her tonite and hope for the best.

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