Feb 02, 2013

Quiet day yesterday!

Yesterday  was a quiet day on the Isla, not too many visitors, actually more vendors that tourists.

We invited our new friends and neighbors over for a quiet happy hour.  I find than when you have too many people over that I miss out on much of the conversation as I am busy playing hostess.   This way I get to have a good visit and get to know my guests.

Roger and Chris are wonderful people and we hope they will come back to the Isla next season.

Chris and Roger are wonderful people and we look forward to many more visits with them.  We are working on them to come back next season for much more than just two weeks.

Would you look at my facial expression.  Seems I can’t pose and smile without a sour face.

...more natural pose as Chris and I chat up a storm.

Yes I am wearing a shawl.  There has been a lot of sore throats and coughing going on all around us, even one case of pneumonia and a few cases of infected lungs. I refuse to get sick and am staying away from everyone and taking every precaution that I can.

Almost at the very very last moment we were treated to a show by Mother Nature.

I think today will be another quiet day…..if I don’t talk I won’t cough.  Colin plans to stay well away from me.  He has major plans for next weekend and does not want to take a chance on catching even a cold.

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  1. We actually enjoy the small happy hours, much more than large ones too.

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