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Feb 28, 2013

Friends visit the Isla

Surprise, surprise! I was inside the RV when I saw 4 people circling around.  I finally went out and said ‘hello’! ” Are you Contessa? ” was the reply!!! They had come to Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra to look for me.  They are long time blog readers and wanted to check out Tres Amigos RV […]


Feb 27, 2013

Mazatlan Theatre

Last Monday we went into Mazatlan with friends to attend a play reading at El Recreo.  El Recreo is a community centre created by ex pats in Mazatlan for film and theatre, plus, plus, plus!!  What is a play reading you ask? A play reading is a rehearsed performance of a play with the actors […]


Feb 26, 2013

I would like to be relaxed but…..

…I am very very frustrated.  I have been looking for a few days for my lists!!!  Can’t find them at all.  I did find other stuff I thought we had forgotten at home but not my lists.  Most of the list stuff I can do without but……we had taken very careful measurements of our dining […]


Feb 25, 2013

Stuff and computers

Why am I getting so much spam these past few weeks?  I think others are also.  Que pasa? I am becoming too attached to my computer…I sit down for 10 minutes and am still sitting there an hour later and truthfully even two hours later.  Sometimes I learn new things but honestly I mostly think […]


Feb 24, 2013

Lots of fishing on the Isla

There is always something happening here on the Isla.  How can one become bored?  So much to see, to do and just to experience, the tide far out or in, always a changing scene.  This morning it is overcast with expectations of clearing skies later in the day.  Yesterday it was almost too hot to […]


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