Jan 27, 2013

A day in town

I always have something to write about…..I guess stuff is always happening in our lives.

Today I have to start with a story about Carmeh, the one who misses the bird so much.   Yesterday I had just poured myself a glass of Pinot Grigio and made a plate of 9 crackers with 9 slices of cheese.  A knock at the door sent  me outside to purchase some organic cherry tomatoes.  Yum!!  Back inside I found Carmeh had been snacking on my appies.  The cheese was all gone as were 5 crackers, she looked so sheepish but I did not get upset with her. It was my error for leaving the plate in the sofa, I was just about to sit down with a book when I ran out the door.  My fault totally.

The bird by the way is apparently adapting to her new home very well,  Good news indeed.

When I went to Tippy Toes for my acupuncture appointment ( Dr. Judy leases space from Tippy Toes ) I met Carol, a fellow RVer from Vancouver. She has been reading my blog and recognized me. Too bad I didn't get her 'after' shot, her hair looked fabulous.

We had an early dinner at Paulina's, a Mexican restaurant just down the street from Macaws, another restaurant across from Tippy Toes. Paulina's has excellent food for very low prices and they make a great margarita I discovered. We found out that 3 other sets of people from the Isla also ate there that day. Popular place indeed.

I took this shot thru an old boarded up window. What stories these walls could tell. This place is looking for someone to make it whole again, an inviting Mexican home.

Next down the street we passed a bakery. Looks like the next holiday is coming up.

You can barely make out the dog in the entrance way to the hotel, he and the fellow out front just waiting for some hotel business. Yes this in the Plazuela Machado. Have you ever seen it before?

We were crossing the Plazuela on the way to pick up my repaired camera.  I had a dust spot on the CCD.  In Canada they tell you to throw the camera away and buy a new one.  Here it can be repaired for only 250 pesos.  The fellow is a genius and can also repair a variety of camera lenses.

We met these Mennonites on the panga back to the Isla. They are from Salmon Arm, B.C. and come to Mazatlan every year for 6 - 8 weeks to help out at a variety of orphanages. Today they were coming to the Isla for a special function at the Vineyard Church. I had no idea there was a Vineyard Church here on Stone Island. Now I even know where it is as we drove them to it. They were going to walk and we had the car so why not.

I was tired and so glad to get back home from Mazatlan. Interesting colors in Thursdays sunset.

Friday was just a quiet day at home, lots of relaxing and a bit of beach walking.

I am happy to report that I received an email from my MLA in B.C., Canada and he is going to support the bill to extend the out of country time to 7 months as discussed in my last blog.  Now we just have to wait for the vote.

Meanwhile a friend made a comment on that post the other day about the amount of time a Canadian is allowed to stay in the USA without paying taxes.  Certainly food for thought.  Thanks Ken for sharing this information with us…..

AND this is a good time to remind everyone about the USA 3-year tax rule which says;Add This Year number days + 1/3 Last Year number days + 1/6 Previous Year days. You are allowed a max 182 total days for the 3-year rule after which you are subject to the USA tax laws. If taxed I do not believe there is any relief under the Cdn tax rules.If you plan to stay longer than the above rule allows, there is a USA tax relief form you can fill out. Cannot remember the form number.Many do not know about this rule, however I do not know anyone who has been caught … yet! With increased border surveillence and upgraded computer software I suspect the worst.

Safe travels to all KenB


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8 Responses to “A day in town”

  1. Another fun day in town and enjoying the sights.
    Enjoy your great weather.

  2. marty says:

    I did not know there was a Vineyard Church on the isla. I always shop the back to school sales and bring school supplies to the Vineyard, but we always bring them to the one in the Golden Zone.

    Beautiful Valentine’s pastries. Hope I’m better when we get there, I’ve had the flu since Wednesday, Sam had it first and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Now Millie and I have it. Millie is way sicker than me. We need some sea air!

    We’ll start watching the mail in a day or so.

  3. Shelagh says:

    Am confused about this 3 year tax rule. Are you saying that one can only spend 182 days in the USA in a three year period?? We have a few friends that snowbird in the USA for approx 180 days per year and have not had any tax problems. Just would like to understand this better.

  4. Chris says:

    Wow! Busy day, I sent you an email.

  5. Ken&Margot says:

    Shelagh: No, 182 days is the total of the addition of the formula of days each year. However, if you do the maths you will find that to stay in the USA each and every every year, only 122 days are available to you from the tax department’s point of view. Try not to think about that number, I exceed that number each and every year. Fingers crossed! KenB

  6. Ken&Margot says:

    To further clarify, thats 122 days each year for three years. KenB

  7. Shelagh says:

    Thanks so much for the info. Very kind of you.

  8. Jannose says:

    It is called a Form 8840 which has to be filed by June 15th each year.

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