Jan 24, 2013

….the rest of the story!

After we dropped the bird off on Tuesday I did a quick grocery shop at Soriana.  We are expecting our Culiacan friends on the 9th of February and I took advantage of our car being in Mazatlan to stock up.  Because we had spent extra time with Martha and Chiquito we were an hour late for our vet appointment.  Of course when I went to call them to advise our delay my cell phone ran out of minutes.  Only in Mexico!!  By the time we did get to the vet, he was in surgery so l left the gang and walked down the street to put 200 pesos on my phone.  By the time I returned (was I on Mexican time or was the vet rapido ) the anals had been done and we were ready to roll.

Umm forgot to mention while I was in Soriana, Colin went to Home Depot across the street to get a new BBQ propane tank.  While my sister Lise was here we noticed that the tank was leaking when we used it on the fire pit.  It did work fine on the actual BBQ.  After several research emails ( thanks for all you help everyone ) it seemed that Home Depot was the place to go, thank goodness for Chris from Monterrey.  He suggested we take in our connector hose to be sure we had the proper fit.  Good thing we did that as there were many many 20 lb tanks for sale but all with different adaptors and fittings. The tanks cost 620 peosos, about $49.00.  Perhaps a tad more than at home but worth the extra so we could have our fire pit.

However it only took 114 pesos to fill the tank. Now we will use the new tank for the fire pit and the old tank for the BBQ and Colin won't have to keep heaving the tanks all over the yard. So we are set for another few months.

Finally we were back on the highway and soon on 'the road' to home.  The road is still in excellent shape compared to other years but has now become washboard like in some areas.  Just go slow.  No vegetation overgrowth at all so a great drive in for any size RV coming to Tres Amigos RV Park.

We got back only twenty minutes late for my book club but found it had been delayed till 2PM so I was able to grab some lunch.  We had had a very busy day for us and I just wanted to sit and relax.  Can you believe I never even took a photo of our discussion group!

An interesting novel that none of us would have otherwise read. Was there really a female Pope? We think so. A great read about the life of an intelligent, headstrong woman in 9th century Europe. There is much documentation today that shows Pope Joan could have really been.

The girls seemed alright with coming home to no bird.  Carmeh actually got out some toys and played for a bit.

For dinner last night we found we had fresh caught salmon in our freezer which we had frozen in September. So we put the BBQ to use. I just love the taste of onion cooked in foil on the BBQ. It was nice to just have a quiet Wednesday at home.

As of right now, Chiquito has been gone almost 48 hours and I am starting to see some signs of withdrawal from Carmeh.

She hung out with Caeli yesterday, either inside or outside. In this shot Carmeh is just laying there with her eyes open. She looks so sad.

This morning Carmeh did not want her food, very very unusual.  We are about to head out on a family beach walk, maybe that will help distract her.  Unfortunately Colin and I are heading into Mazatlan ( yes, yet again )  for another acupuncture session for me.  Two trips in one week, way too much for us. I hate leaving the girls alone but it has to be.  Really looking forward to returning to the Isla later this afternoon and not going anywhere for days and days.

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5 Responses to “….the rest of the story!”

  1. marty says:

    We love the onions cooked in foil, too! If you ate meat you could wrap some bacon around them, too.

    • contessa says:

      Marty…..already perfect as we cook them.

      George….BC salmon is one of the perks we get to enjoy.

      Kelly….If only we could communicate with our pets, life would be much better.

  2. Anything cooked on the BBQ always tastes better. Wish we could get some really good BC salmon.

  3. Kelly says:

    ah, poor little Carmeh..if only she could tell you how she is really feeling…

  4. Gisela says:

    I had read Pope Joan about 7 years ago. My step-mother in Scottsdale had it in German and then
    I noticed that it was translated from English, so I did get it from our local library when we got home and
    enjoyed reading it then. What a book and a lot of my friends had read it since then also. The German
    version, which I could have easily read was a much thicker book than the original English version.