Jan 20, 2013

Splendid Saturday

Saturday was spent resting in the morning in anticipation of the grande soiree.  Tonight was the official crowning of the 2013 Queen of Carnaval and I had front row tickets, well sort of ??  The evening began with an early dinner ( ? 5PM ~ American standards; it would have been much more exciting to eat later in the Plazuela with the locals ).  Reservations were made at a very new restaurant here in Mazatlan, 'El Presidio, Cocina de Mexico'.  First off our driver could not find the place as it had no name nor address posted.  Here is a wee write up on the place.  Casa Garcia was the home to four brothers ( one is the chef ) and this was their great grandmother's home where they rode their bikes in the courtyard.  An excellent write up  by Mazatlan Life is found here including the history of the Casa, the family and the restaurant.

It really is a wonderful environment but best left for later in the evening to enjoy the ambience and the mood lighting.

We were a group of 11, down 3 due to a cold floating around the park.

For Mazatlan I found it very high tech, from each of the waiters wearing an electronic headpiece to very clean restrooms complete with auto flushing toilets and on/ off water basins. Somehow they still got most of the bills wrong.....

...but the food was outstanding! Every morsel was divine. Unfortunately the wine pour was very small for 65 pesos per glass and it was quickly noticed by most of the ladies, not an equal amount in any glass. This was the Mexican fried noodles with grilled Zarandeado Shrimp that I had ordered for 179 pesos. Absolutely delicious but I was left still wanting a bit more. Pan was served at the request at one of the ladies. Indeed a new restaurant, but perhaps worth another visit next year once the kinks have been worked out.

The location is excellent, just a few short blocks from the Plazuela Machado where the electricity was flowing.

It was not quite 7PM and the action was happening.

The reason our group was in town tonight was to attend 'the Eleccion de la Reina' which took place at the Theatre Angela Peralta.  Our seats were on the 3rd balcony, yes the nose bleed seats but really front row along the front of the balcony.  It really does give one a unique perspective of the theatre and the stage.  Note to future patrons, if you go that high up, be sure that your seats are # 10 or higher.  Any lower in number and you do miss most of the performance due to technical obstructions

The hosts for the evening.

The theme for Mazatlan Carnival 2013 is “La Linterna Magica”, the Magic Lantern.  Not really a movie but a type of projector yet much of the movie industry has fast become a part of the theme for this year.  Mazatlan Life had a great explanation of the this year's theme as well as the events.

The evening began with an homage to Charlie Chaplin, both on film and with a dance number.

We were then presented with the candidates. There were ten of them and they all had huge amounts of support in the sold out audience. Lots of noise and fun for sure.

...waiting for their question. They all did well, it was difficult to get the entire response as they spoke very fast. There was one that I have no idea what she said but you could tell it was said from her heart and by her body expression. Sadly another lost her train of thought and was the first to be eliminated. She also had the least fashionable and expensive wardrobe. I have no idea if these things have a bearing on the outcome. There were 10 judges and they were polled twice for their choice by show of a numbered sign, ten being the highest. Sadly the potential queen mentioned above was given a' 4 ' twice! We only saw the 'walks' and the 'question'. There was no talent part.

...one of my favorite moments, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

...and of course, you know who....well I hope you do?

The final walk before the judges final vote.

The final production.....Dracula. Very well done with a great pas de deux in the middle.

The winner is.....uhmmmm.....the winners are???? The lady in purple on the left is the Queen of Carnaval 2013 while the one in red on the right it the Queen of the Floral Games.

I don't understand how or why 2 where picked. Were they the two highest scores?  Why two at once?  Perhaps Nancy or Zoe could comment and explain or any of my other Mazatlan readers.  Regardless it was a great moment.  Confetti flowed and flowed from the ceiling, a live band played. Lots of energy and then it was over!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the ladies wanted to return to the Isla but a few of us just wanted to revel in the moment and enjoy the ambience of the Plazuela Machado. The square was alive with Mexicans, a few tourists, many vendors ( actually selling really neat stuff for very very low prices ) and many musical groups. Of course the restaurants all around were open to serve and make you happy. For certain next time dinner will be afterwards in the Plazuela.

...and so ended a magical evening. It really was a Splendid Saturday.

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5 Responses to “Splendid Saturday”

  1. Looks like you ladies had an awesome time.

    • contessa says:

      George….we certainly did!

      Cheryl…..why don’t you join us next year?

      Bob…thanks for your great compliment.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wow, now I am “officially” jealous. What a fun night out!

  3. Bob says:

    You did a nice job on the pictures. The colours are fantastic too.

  4. marty says:

    Ooooh! I can’t wait, I can’t wait! We’ll miss the parade but there will still be a lot to take in.