Jan 17, 2013

Wild Wednesday ~ part 2

Aha....the fish. We actually were able to track down the very fish that were caught on our beach.

We later found out that another barca way far down the beach had also caught a netful of the same fish.  This is where RV2 went and got their fish from.

We purchased 2.6 kilos of filleted fish for 120 pesos.

That is $9.50 USD for 5.73lbs . But what kind of fish is it? No one seemed to know and the locals kept telling us it was a type of tuna. So I emailed my Mexican born friend Chuck who is a fisherman.

This is Chuck’s reply…

Yes it is a Jack Cravelle or the Mexicans call it a Torro. And it fights like a bull when fishing. It is considered a game fish because of its fight. Not very good eating in our opinion, meat too dark and not very tasty. The Mexicans eat it and we always gave ours away after our first attempt to cook one.
They will try to tell you it is a yellow tail/ Jurrel to sell it, but don’t be fooled its not!

We did cook it and enjoy it but more on that in a bit.

First we had to go shopping for some dinner ingredients. This is the 'big' store on the Isla. I really should take inside photos for you one of these days.

A little further down the road at one of the roadside tiendas I picked up some zucchini to grill. The gato was just trying to keep warm the owner said.

Back home Colin had a small photography job he had to edit, so he had to cast aside the guitar.

There was a special spaghetti dinner planned at a local restaurant but we really wanted to eat our very freshly caught fish. So we compromised and went for happy hour.

The son of one of the RVers was there visiting. Mark is 7'4" and I am a mere 5'4".

Finally back home where Chef Rick is tending the fish....

...and the rest of us put together the salad, the potatoes and the veggies.

Now that was a meal. From the ocean to our plates in mere hours. We all really did enjoy it.

Now that was a Wild Wednesday!


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  1. Another fun day in paradise, was had by all.

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