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Dec 20, 2012

Twas not in the plans…..

….I very strongly decided that I was not going to get caught up in the holiday party go around…….well tonight will be my 5th night in a row and my last till my sister arrives on the 28th.  I need to rest up.  Hard to keep up with my blog with all that activity plus […]


Dec 18, 2012


Not Christmas, just my blog post today!  The massages were just over and it was time to get ready for the next Christmas Hamper fund raiser/happy hour.  We have raised 37,000 pesos this season and 47 families will be receiving food hampers this year. I leave you with some photos of our site created by […]


Dec 17, 2012

Sunday was a blur of things….

First off don’t ever leave home without your camera.  We missed so very many photo ops yesterday.  The first occurred while Colin was at the far end of the beach with the girls.  Suddenly a puppy appeared and attached itself to him and the girls, they all played together.  Now Colin was beginning to wonder […]


Dec 16, 2012

We went to town

Yesterday, Saturday, was my second venture into Mazatlan since we have arrived. There are many here who go in daily and even some twice per day but we really like the peace of the Isla. The main purpose of the visit was to check on my new eyeglasses. Unfortunately the optician had input my email […]


Dec 15, 2012


The bird has become a part of our family. Since this photo was taken the green in front of the eye is now grey and the chest and top of head are more white.  It is obvious that the bird was dyed yellow for sales.  My friend Nancy here in Mazatlan sent me some information […]


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