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Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!


Dec 24, 2012

Starting to feel like Christmas!

Christmas Eve and listening to my French carols and catching up on my blog……perfect.  They sun is shining, the waves are breaking and the 5C's are muy feliz.  We caught our 3rd mouse yesterday, again thanks to the girls pointing out that the trap was full. Our friends Pat & Gord have been doing a […]


Dec 22, 2012

Que pasa!

Well other than that fact that my husband borrowed my blog last night life is good.  Actually I seem to have an allergic reaction to something and my chest, arms and neck are lit up like Santa's suit!  I have tried everything I can think of, next step is to delete everything that goes into […]


Dec 22, 2012

We are still here.. blog by Senor Colin, first time, bumbling thru blog directions, Contessa is sleeping

Well … we are still here. End of the world, we waited, had cnn on, had the motorhome ready to back up and hit the road in a hurry and waited and waited. We did hear a ground blast similar to a bomb but nothing came of it. Maybe a car backfire??? Finally it was […]


Dec 21, 2012

A day in photos!


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