Dec 31, 2012

Busy day in Mazatlan…

Colin forced us to be ready to leave at 9:15AM!!!!! We did leave by 9:45AM. To get to Mazatlan you take a small water taxi across the shipping channel.

First stop a tour of the fish market located on the Mazatlan side of the Isla de la Piedra Embarcadero.

Cute, eh!!

Did Santa leave his sleigh here?

Finally, coffee!! Brunch at Pancho's in the Golden Zone! Lise was adventurous in her meal choice!! Good going sis!

Followed by some local shopping! Colin & I loved this doxie done in abalone shell but where to put it? Plus the price of 4500 pesos ( 344.00 CAD ) ?????? Perhaps it will still be there in a few months!

...and further down the street another shopping spree! Lise got 2 dresses.

By then we were thirsty, stopped in here for a very good margarita.

Time to get back to the Isla. However Lise makes such an impression on Jorge our pulmonia driver that for another 120 pesos he gives us a city tour.

He even wanted her to drive...hmmmm!

Great tour. Great views.

Managed to catch the cliff divers among other things......

....pointed out to us by Jorge but why!

Love the Ferrari in the driveway, tons of angels all around this house. More to the right but no more space..... on the boat home, these folks from Guadalajara and on the panga over to la Isla for dinner. Colin took all their photos once they found our he had photograped Princess Diana, the Pope, President Clinton and my sister Lise.

That folks was the end of our day in town.  Back on the Isla we just relaxed.  Tomorrow is New Years Eve………what next?

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3 Responses to “Busy day in Mazatlan…”

  1. Too much fun, enjoy New Years Eve!

  2. marty says:

    That’s the devil’s mouth. The air that comes out of there is so full of sulfer the stench is horrible, just like the devils breath. So fun to see pics of places I’ve been-miss it. Spent the day with Stan’s siblings and the last thing Irene said to me was to start checking for flights and condo space in February.

  3. Jean says:

    happy New year to to the Five Cs and Lise, enjoying your tour around Mazatlan!