Dec 27, 2012

Who went swimming?

No photos today just a short story!

The girls, Colin and I were outside enjoying the day yesterday when I decided to go in to get something.  Some days we take the bird outside in his cage but today it was inside.  I automatically looked at the cage and the bird was not there!  I finally found Chiquito sitting on the floor under the steering wheel.  It took 4 attempts of me getting him to 'step up' onto my hand before he got back up on his swing perch.  We do let him loose at times inside the RV and despite being clipped he still does fly a bit but not very straight.

Later Colin went back inside to get something and found the bird sitting on his perch but sopping wet.  What had happened?  It took only moments to discover a few feathers in the dogs water dish.  So Chiquito had done another fly about or walk about as I like to call it and ended up on the floor, walked around and came to the huge dog water dish.  He had a bath!!

But however did he get back up to the top of his cage?  He was wet for hours!!   I would have given anything to see it.  The rug was wet and there was water spray almost 2 feet away!!

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  1. No pictures of the birdbath? Cameras taking a day off then.