Nov 30, 2012

Not enough time…..

…in a day!!  The day seems to just disappear.  We are still trying to set up but with this and that, things are going slowly.  Oh well as long as we are enjoy the day so be it. Yesterday in photos, posted in the order they were shot!!

Still working on getting the lights up.

Chiquito gets indoor time both in and out of the cage and lots of outdoor time, constantly guarded by Carmeh.

I have oranges up for the orioles and set up a constantly moving water source for the birds to visit. I have hummingbirds, orioles and sparrows but none in the water yet.

The shrimp boats are out there doing their thing! The stump on the left is part of the new fencing we have. Can't always get it out of the foreground. Yes that is a seagull that just happened into my shot.

Caeli relaxing as per the norm. She likes to sit in her special chair with a thick cushion and watch life pass by on the beach.

RV2 hosted a happy hour and raffle as a fund raiser for the Christmas Hamper project we rvers do here on the Isla. 2500 pesos was raised plus a golf club was auctioned off for 750 pesos. We also donate money separately. It costs about 500 pesos per basket and we want to to at least 50 families.

Colin left a few minutes early to walk the girls before sunset.

We were back home in time for the sunset.

Yesterday a few of the guys went out fishing and came back with dorado and sailfish.  So tonight we are all going back to RV2 for a fresh fish dinner!!!  How lucky are we?

....sometimes you just have to go with the flow!!

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7 Responses to “Not enough time…..”

  1. Elaine says:

    very very lucky 🙂 love the pics of the furkids….what a great day

    • contessa says:

      Elaine…..I think so too!

      Marty….we did work hard to get here!

      George….we are getting a reputation of being party animals.

      Rocmoc…..great not to have a screen on the front window.

  2. Marty says:

    Oh so lucky!!

  3. Nothing like a fresh fish dinner, enjoy!

  4. rocmoc says:

    Love the shade for the windshield!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  5. chris says:

    Cool pics, especially of the dogs walking in the water!