Nov 29, 2012

Que Pasa……

Life is busy here on the Isla.  Lots of people coming over to say hello and check up on us.  We turned down a happy hour party last night as we had already committed to one tonight plus we have been invited to a wedding celebration on Saturday.  Between setting up and now getting our decorative lights out, it is difficult to find me time.  I am not complaining at all, just mentioning it.  Soon we will be in a routine.

Colin took the girls to the beach this morning and from the amount of time they were gone I guessed they found a crab.  They found 3 and the last one kept going into the ocean and the waves kept bringing it back and the girls were both swimming after it.  Colin said it was fun to watch.

My first gift of the season from the ocean!

Lots of comments on the parrot, one of which brought up the issue of Chiquito being caught illegally.  I have emailed Nancy and will do a separate post on this in a few days.  Meanwhile the bird is settling in nicely.  Birds do take a lot of care because they are very messy eaters.

Carmeh thinks the bird is her baby.

My first veggie/fruit purchase off the truck. All this for 50 pesos, about $3.85 US.

...another sunset for you all!

...our site from the beach even before putting up some lights.

…and that is the que pasa of the 5C's!  I promise to answer all your emails soon, sorry for the delay.

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8 Responses to “Que Pasa……”

  1. Sandy says:

    Today my DH paid $1.18 for two tangerines and $1.98 for two avocado that were on sale!

    • contessa says:

      Sandy…..mucho dinero!

      Longdog….wait till you see the xmas lights when done!

      Elaine…us too.

      Connie….welcome home. Gracias.

      Marty….come on down!!! We can pick you up and put you in the hotel next door.

      Lise…..thanks you dear sister, how kind. Not sure how many sleeps but I will be ready for you!!

      George….lots to do here. Yes it will be a first trip to Mexico for my sister.

  2. longdog2 says:

    Beautiful sunset. A few colored Christmas lights and that shot of the RV would make a perfect Christmas card!

  3. Elaine says:

    So pretty love the sunset too…

  4. Connie back in PA says:

    Back home from my Florida trip – catching up on reading my fav blogs. Love all your photos!

  5. marty says:

    The produce looks so good. We just finished the next to last squash from the garden and have a few carrots left, so I’m jealous! Looking at the sunset. My mind can hear the ocean. Struggling with muscle spasms right now and chilling on the beach would definitely make me better.

  6. LIse says:

    Hey Sis!!!

    I have to compliment Colin on the pics! I assume he took them. THe veggies look awesome! Your site is beautiful. I can’t wait to get there. For all your readers of this blog, I have to share something. My sister and her wonderful husband are the most generous people ever known. I add my mom to that list. I cannot wait to walk on the beach….how many sleeps????

    Lise (baby sis of Contessa)

    PS. Ask about the mustard incident when she had to babysit her 3 younger siblings…lol!

  7. You are going from busy to busier, have too much fun, and looks like your sister is pretty excited about coming to visit as well.