Nov 19, 2012

Sitting at Cummins in Las Vegas!

Well we made it to Las Vegas with no incidents.  Thanks Leo for your concerns re the carbon monoxide in your comment.  We kept the vents open while driving and the fantastic fans on.  For certain we have a problem with the engine.  Our appointment was for 7AM and they were right on time.  We are not allowed to stay in the RV so we packed up and took over the waiting room.

So while the engine is being repaired, I will update you on the past few days.

First off I just wanted to mention that my friend Nancy in Mazatlan came out of her surgery with no problems and even managed to send me a quick email.  Now I won't worry so much.

Last Friday morning as we left Moses Lake, the Pressure Pro system started beeping like crazy only this time is was the front left car tire.  We were parked near the Auto service so pulled the RV over and filled the tire.  About 1PM that same tire beeped so we pulled into a rest area and Colin filled it.  Nice to be self sufficient.

Just past Pendleton, Oregon we came upon this sign. That RV was from BC, one of the 2 we saw that day. Not many heading south. They are probably already gone.

So this is what dense fog looks like, scary!! After a few miles of climbing we rose above it.

The entire trip ( including arriving in Vegas ) has been easy weather wise.  We have had to use the wipers less than 10 times and that was just a quick turn on, turn off.  We have been very lucky in the packing, the loading and the driving.  Temperature wise at night we just kept the generator running for the 4-5 hours before bedtime and we were cozy.

Friday afternoon Colin turned into a Cummins dealer just off the interstate after we had passed Boise, Idaho.  He had not told me but there was an engine noise that had been getting louder as the trip progressed.  It was 10 minutes to closing but a mechanic came out and as Colin drive he listened to the engine.  He could not be sure but thought we might have an exhaust leak.  They could not see us until Monday so we asked them to make us an appointment in Las Vegas.  The plan was to drive no faster than 55MPH so as to not shake anything loose and to drive with the vent open.  As the days progressed we had to open 2 vents and keep the fans running.

That evening we stopped at Walmart in Mountain Home, Idaho where Colin immediately disconnected the car and brought it in for service on that tire.  They quoted us $10.00 to remove the tire, inspect it and repair it.  It turned out that the tire was fine, not a thing wrong with it but we had a problem with the Pressure Pro sensor.  It was not  sealing and allowing air to escape so we just took the sensor off that tire and will deal with that problem another day.  At this point the fellows at Walmart refused payment claiming they did nothing.  Nothing but almost an hour of service.  Great guys and a great place to get your vehicle serviced.

Saw this as we left Saturday morning. The sign says it all.

As we drove into Nevada Saturday we saw weather all around us. Lots of snow on the mountains.

There are weiners tucked in there somewhere. We all stay cozy as we travel.

Saturday night we stayed at an RV Park and I found that much louder than any Walmart we have stayed at but we wanted to fill up and do what needed doing just in case we were living in the RV for prolonged repairs.

Finally sun and heat. Still a few hours away from Las Vegas. That road seems never ending and then suddenly you are there!

We hadn't really planned to arrive on a Sunday but it was a good thing as traffic was light and we were able to whip around doing as many errands as we could.  First we checked out the Cummins shop which would be fine for us to sleep at.  Then off to Trader Joe's.  We found a huge area to park in and then got started…..

...on our own personal wine tasting. We opened 5 bottles of the Charles Shaw and 4 bottles of the Oak Leaf.

After many sips, notes were made and decisions were made.  How many cases of red?  How many of white?  How many for dinner versus afternoon sipping?  How many Charles Shaw?  How many Oak Leaf?  How many other?  How many cases in total?

Back to the Cummins dealer where another coach from Colorado was waiting for service only they did not have an appointment.  We drove a total of 262 miles yesterday.

Up early this morning, we had to move stuff all over so that we could take the mattress off to get access to the engine, bikes off, wine cases stacked to the ceiling here and there and pack up some nibbles for us and the girls as we sat and waited.  So here we are Monday at 9AM still waiting.  Not sure what comes next.  A lot depends on how long the repairs will take, can they get parts today and who knows what else.  Our car is loaded and there is no room for all four of us so we are stuck here for now.  We can just go with the flow and hope that all falls into place.

I will keep you posted.

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9 Responses to “Sitting at Cummins in Las Vegas!”

  1. Elaine says:

    glad your there safe and sound now hopefully repairs will be quick and economical….we had a problem with our toad was leaking air..slow leak etc…we took it to walmart on a sunday in Roanoak NC they took the tire off/ wheel..etc and did the other front tire too…worked on it for over an hr..and NO charge..they couldn’t find the problem…and it hasn’t gone down in air since…
    That dealer your at needs a new sofa in the waiting area lol…

    • contessa says:

      Elaine…..Walmart is great in most ways. Did you notice that I was just perched on that sofa?

      Longdog…both and mant kinds….details soon.

      Kevin….well even with the ceapo wines you can have a choice of just bad or really bad.

      Susie…can’t find a box wine we like.


      Connie… too.

      George…I had Colin pick up another 8 bottles of vino blanco!

      Margot….but at least you have a source close at hand to replenish!!

  2. longdog2 says:

    Glad you made it that far okay. So did you decide on the 2 buck chuck or the Oak leaf and what kind?

  3. You are a wine connoisseur! We don’t need to bother with all that tasting because we only buy boxes of the good stuff! LOL!

  4. Susie larose says:

    Can’t beat the price on the wine, we enjoy them also, also Rog goes for the 5 litre Vino la Box!!! Hope the problem is solved and not too $$$!!

  5. Marty says:

    We’ve been getting a lot of fog here, pretty typical for Manhattan. 20 miles away in Bozeman they rarely get fog, but we’re close to the Gallatin River and fog is a given.

    Jealous of your warm weather, although it was over 50f here today. I hope they can fix everything quickly so you guys can be on your way.

  6. Connie in PA says:

    Thanks for the update – hope you’ll soon be on your way south!

  7. Looks like you have a bit of wine for while, but will go rather quickly if you don’t get out of Vegas soon.
    Good luck with the repairs.

  8. Margot says:

    To Shaw or not to Shaw, That is the question. Before we leave CA we always buy 12 cases of Shaw Pinot Grgio, two buck chuck. Why? Well when we drink it in AZ where it is Three Buck Chuck, we toast every bottle opened as saving $1 per bottle or 50% and so enjoy the wine that much more. Don’t even ask how long 12 cases last but it is not.long enough!

    Good travels out of Vegas. KenB