Nov 18, 2012

Ely, Nevada

We got here safe and sound.  We only have left just over 230 miles to Las Vegas and our 7AM engine appointment Monday morning. We do have a problem as we can smell carbon monoxide in the bedroom where the engine is, we likely have an exhaust leak.  Which was likely caused by inefficiency from the air filter change 3weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Colin is beginning to think he has to supervise everyone!  For some reason I am very very tired this trip and even doing only 334 miles today exhausted me.  Tonight we are at an RV Park.  We dumped, filled with water and are enjoying 50AMPS.  Suppose to go down to 28F with 30% chance of snow.  We have no idea if the engine repair will be a full day or 2 or 3 days which of course will change all our plans but at least we will be prepared to dry camp for a week if need be.

As I for see 1 – 2 days of nothing to do but be on the computer ( during the repair ) I will fill you all in on all the details then.  Our plan is to head into Las Vegas in the morning and complete all the errands that need doing.  Biggest of those is my huge annual wine purchase which at this point seems to have no place to be put, but I am very very resourceful in finding space.   I am talking 15 or mores case of vino!!  Plus it will likely be my final opportunity to purchase anything I have forgotten such as a certain light bulb, fruit for the trip, etc.

Quick response to “The Ducks” re your comment yesterday…..we have had the extended valve things but using them with the Pressure Pro System has caused some problems. The centrifical forces tend to splay them out and the tire senssors hit the rims.  The extenders don't last very long so we decided to put the sensor right on the valve. Plus the sensors on the extender were wearing a groove in the aluminum rim.   Found out that truckers don't use extenders, only lazy RVers!!!!!  They were corroding the sensors so last year we removed them.  I think having the Pressure Pro System is the very best thing to have.  This trip alone it has helped us twice and we only have been on the road 3 days.

I have no news yet about my friend Nancy but keep sending her healing thoughts.

Our Sunday drive!

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!  Tonight is our last of the cold, sunshine and heat, here we come!

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6 Responses to “Ely, Nevada”

  1. Elaine says:

    glad to see your there safe and sound..I can just see you rolling down the road with 15 cases of vino on the ‘roof’….

    • contessa says:

      Elaine……nope it all fits inside….somehow!

      George…..gracias! Hope they are inexpensive, could go either way.

      Zoe….thank you so much for keeping me posted.

      Cat….doing just fine. The wine helps.

      Leo……thank you for all your advice. Glad you are in LDM. ? at La Parrota??

  2. Good luck with your engine repairs in Vegas.

  3. zoe Jussel says:

    Nancy is going fine and her son is coming today. She posted early this morning and is (NOT) looking forward to jello in a couple hours. ‘-) She is also getting her Ipad today…

  4. Catheline says:

    How is your back? I know what three day’s can do.

  5. Leo Reus says:

    Dear Colin and Contessa,
    Be very carefull with CO gass, it is a silent killer and the the reason that you
    are tired might come from the CO.
    Please check this asap. (fire departments have meeters to check CO)
    Have a safe trip. We are in Lo de Marcos with Dennis and Brenda.
    Love you guys,
    Leo and Emmy.