Nov 16, 2012

Very bad start to the trip!!!

It did take longer than expected but we were able to start the engine by 12:15 noon.

We got as far as the Holiday Park  parking area where we ho0ked up.  The girls insisted on going out to do their business.  While that happened the Pressure Pro Sensors were warming up and started to beep an alarming racket!!  One of the inner duals on the RV was down to 25 lbs!!  Had we driven we certainly would have had a blow out.  So thanks to the girls and thanks to Pressure Pro.  And the biggest thanks to my sweetie who had to crawl under the RV and fill the tires.We think that when Colin brought it in for service a few weeks ago, the young fellow working on the RV did not tighten the sensors enough and we lost air.

He worked in the cold like this for an hour.

…………so we actually only got away at 1:40PM!!!!!!  Rather late but we hit the road.  We were primed.  We were the only vehicle at the US border yet had to wait over 10 minutes for the Agricultural Inspection and she was working to rule today.  Get out of the RV please but first open the cupboards that you have got dog food or treats in.  We were standing outside in the cold shivering as we listened to cupboards opening and closing.  Finally we were done and we thanked her.  She thanked us for thanking her and asked why we had thanked her????  Well to protect the USA from Canadian made pet products I replied……”I did not!!”  I just smiled.  By then it was after 4PM and getting dark.  We decided to push on as Friday is a 400 mile driving day. After 257 miles we did arrive at the Walmart in Moses Lake, WA but not till 7:25PM.

The girls were perfect travellers today & of course starved for their dinner.  Us too and we enjoyed our traditional first night on the road of bagels, creme cheese and lox and lotsa vino!!  We each went into Walmart for a few pertinent stock up times, me for fruit for the morning and vino for the evening.  Colin snagged a new a 25″ RV hose, a 50″ garden hose, 3 screen filtered for the hose, 2 sediment & 2 carbon filters for our water system for  a mere $41.00.  My stuff cost much more than his!!

All in all it was a good day and we did not let stress take the upper hand.

We do have our Verizon working but in a very spotty manner so this is it for tonight.  What will tomorrow bring?  !0:45PM and checking out as tomorrow holds 400 miles for us.

Washington to Mountain Home, Idaho.

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9 Responses to “Very bad start to the trip!!!”

  1. At least you got going and are on the road, travel safe.

  2. Connie in PA says:

    Well, it might have been a bad start but it sounded like a happy ending. So glad you are finally able to leave. Sending positive vibes your way. Enjoy the ride!

  3. marty says:

    Vaya con Dios. Be safe and enjoy the trip.

  4. Lynne says:

    The US-Canadian border checks are certainly comical– seems like the Canadian guards are (rightly) concerned about Americans bringing guns and booze into the country, but could care less about their food and produce.

    But crossing into the US, they seem to go the opposite (crazy) direction– “don’t ya dare bring yer Canadian produce into our States, but bring all the guns and booze you want!”

    • contessa says:

      Lynne, the strange thing is that they never asked about produce or meat this time, just dog food and treats!!!

  5. Croft says:

    Walmart’s Oak Leaf wines were “Rolled Back” to $1.97 a couple of days ago. Not bad swill, good price too. What can we find in Canada for $2.00? Back in the early 60’s they sold a really bad wine named “Zip” for $2.50 as I recall from my misspent youth.

  6. longdog2 says:

    Glad to know your first day ended up okay after a bad start. Lynne–sorry border trips are problems for you. Most don’t seem to run into any real issues from Canadian or US agents.

  7. Pat says:

    Shoot!!!…we payed 2.97 and thought it was a bargain. Los precios por vino en Mexico es muy caro. Mejor pagar tequilla. Do you have room for a few more boxes?? Ha!… know how packed you are.

    The weather es perfecto. Travel fast, travel hard…just get here!!!!

  8. Annie says:

    I would recommend a good set of valve extenders so that Colin doesn’t have to roll around on the ground to fill the tires. We’ve been using ours for a year and a half now with no issues. Easy to check the pressure and easy to fill.

    And another enthusiastic thumbs up for Walmart’s Oak Leaf wine. It’s cheap and it’s tasty, what more could we want?