Nov 15, 2012

Stay or GO?

The past 24 hours have been extremely unsettling.  The circumstances that kept us here till mid November have reared their ugly heads once again.  It was totally unexpected and threw me for a loop.  We regrouped and we are leaving today!!  Soon I hope!!

Something also was wrong with the brakes on the toad and we had to take it in at 7:30AM yesterday hoping the problem could be rectified without ordering parts from Vancouver.  What ever the problem was, it was fixed and for just under $100.00.

Still having moisture problems in the basement, water seeping in.

A few days ago Colin used this can of Mexican spray foam and nothing came out so he left the can under the house. When he went back with a new can this is what he found from the Mexican can. Things happen at a slower pace in Mexico!! Now I have a piece of Mexican art!

Lots of things didn't happen, the hedge never got cut, the house never got cleaned and I never collected all the monies owing the company.  My root canal was completed successfully and with no pain, that was a bonus.  Good news from Mexico is that the road is being specially cleared so we don't scratch the paint on our RV.  Remember the road from last November!!

Then late yesterday afternoon on his way to do the final mail check Colin lost the mail key down the heat vent of the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He called the dealer who said it has happened to many and one person lost a diamond ring that way.  It is a 5 hour service to get the key out.  About 10PM last night we found a duplicate mail key!!  Thank goodness.

Tying down the cover on the golf cart in the dark!

So right now we are in the final packing stages.  I had no idea we had taken so much out of the RV.  We lost several packing hours yesterday due to the circumstances and are pushing this morning.

Colin is down in the hole and the fellas are trying to get the lines blown out. The builder actually came to make sure it was done right. We have no idea how cold it will get on the lake so we are doing more than we have in the past, even adding antifreeze.

Small problem, the water softener was hard piped in and we can't undo it to bring it inside so it doesn't freeze!!!!  Waiting for a call back.  Now Colin has to take it apart a different way.  This house is more complicated that the other one. Next year we will have a system in place.

The girls know something is up and they are sticking together.

We knew we would face challenges this morning so have no set plans to leave by a certain time.  I also planned that we would only travel about 250 miles today.

I have got my Verizon internet stick activated so I will be able to check in with you all later tonight from the USA!

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6 responses so far

6 Responses to “Stay or GO?”

  1. Jean says:

    Hope you are on your way! Safe travels.

    • contessa says:

      Hola everyone……well it was with many ups and downs but we are on the road and so happy to be. Kinda cold out though.

  2. longdog2 says:

    Hope everything smoothed out and you were able to get on your way.

  3. Trent and Teresa says:

    Hey, Contessa, it sure has been a trying time for you !!

    Just think of all the character building you are doing … lol.

    Wishing you the best travel days, and the best winter south yet !!

    Hugs, Trent and Teresa

  4. Elaine says:

    Travel safe and I hope your on the road…somewhere safe for the night…

  5. Connie in PA says:

    Hope you got everything done and are underway headed south – safe travels – relax and enjoy!