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Sep 08, 2012

Ring, ring….

…that is how my Friday (yesterday ) started!  It was the house builder wanting to meet onsite in 20 minutes to go over deficiencies.  Yawn!!  Okay I will get dressed and meet you there. Knock, knock, at the RV door, 2 minutes later!!  What the ???  It  was the add a room builder, we are […]


Sep 06, 2012

It finally happened

The night before the move we were totally done in.  About 5 PM Colin went under the house to vacuum and discovered a huge mess, the trades had been using that area as a garbage dump.  Enough said but it took 4 hours to clean up and 2 truck loads to the garbage. Moving morning […]


Sep 03, 2012

Que Pasa?

It has been nonstop the past few days, in fact I am stopped in my tracks today resting up.  Tomorrow is moving day and I need to be able to move!!  I was impressed, the movers called this morning, a holiday, to confirm 9AM tomorrow.  He says that at the price of gas they now […]


Sep 02, 2012

Welcome to September….

…but where have April, May, June, July and August gone?? Oh yeah, now I remember, we sold our place and created a new one!! Our friends, Jannose & Colin came back on Friday ( on their way towards Calgary ) for a quick peek to see what has changed since they left Tuesday morning.  They […]


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