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Sep 20, 2012

We are moved in!

Moved in but not settled in.  Colin's jobs are piling up ( thank goodness as in $$$ ) and he is out more than in.  I have been spending my days dealing with who else but the trades!!!  Yes still seeing those guys.  Between 3 and 6 per day but most days 5, first one […]


Sep 14, 2012

9:22AM Friday morning!

Our fireplace was delivered at 8AM this morning.  We had a time window of between 8 & 10 AM, just love it when we are first. So here we are, the much anticipated Friday and still no trades!!!  There is a very good possibility that we won't be moving into the house this weekend.  Besides […]


Sep 13, 2012

Absolutely nothing happening!!

For 2 days now, no trades, which means no mess but also no work on completing the house.  We have decided that it is in my best interest ( as in staying sane ) to move into the new place for at least a few weeks, ASAP.  Tomorrow we plan to do a big push […]


Sep 11, 2012

What can I say?

The past few days have not been pleasant. You will no longer be admitted willy nilly.  Appointments are a must, no more just showing up and having the run of the place!!  Monday the flooring idiot came back to repair his previous damage and left without informing us he had by accident made a hole […]


Sep 09, 2012

Coming together!

Colin worked for hours yesterday in the new place, our cleaning lady could only stay for 2 hours but that was 2 hours less for Colin to do.  When I finally went over I was amazed at the changes.  He moved the rosewood bookcase to a different wall and it looks fabulous.  I had intended […]


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