Sep 26, 2012

RV Insurance

Good news if you have a Class A or Class B RV and happen to be a member of Family Motor Coach Association  (FMCA).  Effective October 1, 2012 as part of your annual dues they have added a variety of travel and medical services. For an additional fee of $105.00 annually you also get things like Emergency Medical Evacuation, vehicle return, pet return, etc.  For a brief overview click here.  If you want to read all the details of this insurance program underwritten by Lloyd's of London click here.  This seems to be a great addition to a basic medical insurance package that you might already have.  Some of us simply get insurance for crossing through the US until we get to Mexico and then use the pay as you go for medical services in Mexico and this would be the perfect addition.  This FMCA insurance is good wherever you travel in North America.

Our morning started out with a flat tire just as Colin was heading to a job. Fortunately we have a neighbor with all the right equipment and he soon had Colin on his way. Dan you have some Kokanee coming your way my friend!! Milles gracias!

While Dan & Colin were doing the tire thing my first trade guy showed up a few hours early and so my day began. The girls are getting use to all the comings and goings.

I also have my paint fellow doing all the touch ups inside.  Of all the people I called yesterday, from gas fitters to fireplace companies, only one called back and they will complete the fireplace install next Tuesday. Trades are very laid back in this area.  I also have proper window washers coming next week.

Forgot to mention the other day that the 'smudgy' window washer guy stepped in dog doodoo on the lawn and tracked it all over my sidewalk!  I did apologize as I hadn't had time to pick up.  I still thought it was funny.

I was doing some filing and found a receipt for 8 cents that Colin had put on Visa.  What the heck?  In his defence he said he had to make one photo copy enroute to a job site and Staples would not take cash!  The entire procedure took over 10 minutes and he had to interrupt the  employee's visit with a fellow employee  three times to figure out how to use the self serve machine and then go over to yet another machine to get a receipt.

I think things are getting out of hand. Read on the news today that Staples is planning to close 15 stores in the US and another 45 in Europe. Wonder why?

Who knows how my day will go?  I do like a comment I got on yesterdays blog that I try wine via IV!!!  Now there is a thought but it wouldn't be as much fun methinks.

I took this photo from my bath this morning! It was so peaceful at 7AM, the sun was coming up on the right, a jet was streaking high across the sky and if you look closely on the left, there is a sun dog heading up towards the sky.

Twas a great start to the day, I hope the day remains uneventful.

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6 Responses to “RV Insurance”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Wow, some places want to charge you extra to use a credit card and others don’t want cash???? Ahhhh, the girls look so cute.

    • contessa says:

      Longdog……but this was really stupid!

      BD……Kelowna….welcome to the blog. If you read back a bit you will figure us out, well a bit anyway.

      George…we do what we have to.

      Marty…..$3.00 less per hour is quite a bit over a week. Hang in there.

      Elaine…almost normal afternoon and evening coming up Friday.

  2. BD Williams says:

    What a breathtaking view? Where were the pictures shot?

  3. No cash thats too bad, oh well do what you can. Its all coming together soon.

  4. marty says:

    I was just at a job interview and the interviewer mentioned the Staples closing. We have two Staples and an Office Depot in Bozeman, a little overkill I think. I bet at least one of the Staples is headed for the chopping block. The job? It’s at TJ Maxx. I could have it if I want it, but it pays $3.00 less an hour than Macy’s. I guess it’s back to Macy’s.

  5. Elaine says:

    wow sounds like you had an almost ‘normal’ day…it could only go good as you had such a lovely start the pics are gorgeous…now poor Colin didn’t have the best start hope his day improved!!!!