Sep 25, 2012


Maybe we are too fussy.  But don't you think we are entitled to be concerned about the details of things going into our home?  Wouldn't you want the best in your home?

Yesterday was my undoing!  I forbade someone to come here today, I hung up on another and this morning I had to let the gas fitter doing the  fireplace “go”!!  Colin spent his entire day ( and he didn't have a minute to spare from all the jobs we have piling up ) helping George, the fireplace guy.     George had a helper who went home after an hour because he was unwell.  George is a great worker but way too fussy.  Yes fussy, even fussier than me!  Now that has to be something.  George decided the fireplace was designed incorrectly.

After 90 minutes of reading instructions and thinking George made the first hole in the the wrong place! Fortunately the second hole was good and the base of the unit will cover the first hole.

That became the theme for the day. Colin had to keep talking George into moving on to the next step. It took over an hour to place the glass panels correctly, G would have left had it not been for Colin. Meanwhile I am thinking, I am going to have to pay this guy $94.00 plus 12% tax per hour. I wondered how much G would hand over to Colin for all his help??

About 3:30 in the afternoon both UPS and Purolator arrive at the same time. Now we have 5 trucks blocking the street. Comical at that point! I forgot to mention that yet another trade showed up to wash the windows of the sun room. I was shocked as this was the same fellow who had washed them the first time and the owner said we would have them rewashed by a professional. I had little energy at this point so let him re smudge the outside windows, no way was he coming inside.

Meanwhile George is cutting a hole in the roof and gets a phone call. Suddenly he is off to a 'birthday party'!! my house is now looking like a big construction mess!!

The phone rings, it is the sales rep from the sunroom manufacturer wanting to come see me because he heard I wasn't happy.  What the heck?  He will be here in 10 minutes.  I call the owner of the sunroom company asking why he had set this up without even discussing it with me.  He starts yelling at me and complaining that I was too fussy!!!  I asked him to stop yelling and swearing and when he didn't I hung up on him.

Meanwhile our friend Gord came over to borrow a ladder.  He innocently asked if he could help me with something.

Never ever ask me that when I am on a rant! So Gord opened my UPS boxes and set up Colin's new desk chair, which by the way Colin just loves. I had a better photo of Gord but it didn't turn out. I was able to hand him a glass of his preferred vino tinto but only because I was pouring vino blanco for me at that point.

By then the Gentek sales rep had arrived.  He stayed for over an hour, I am into #2 glass of wine and I am letting Colin handle this one.  It turns out we were totally justified in all of our questions and concerns.  In fact Gentek is going to do some major touchups to our floor to ceiling windows.

This was taken by the Gentek guy, you can just see Gord working in the bottom right. I was on vino #2 and starting to relax. Oh, the reason Gentek guy is using my camera is he forgot his. Colin made him a CD of his photos. He went away happy.

Finally we are alone in the house, Colin has to do some computer work and I try to set up our new Shaw receiver.  We upgraded to DSR because our existing DVR could not connect to our new satellite dish installed two weeks ago.  Long story but in the end it was easier and quicker to do it this way.  It took close to 2 hours to get it functioning.  TV dinner and wine for me and bed.  Colin got the left over BBQ salmon &  the privilege of working till midnight.

Today did not start much better.  I had a 7AM brutal medical treatment at an ungodly hour so that Colin could head out to Summerland for a 12 hour photo shot. So that left me with George who arrived and hour early and left an hour later.

Basically I informed him that if he felt uncomfortable proceeding with the fireplace to just take his things, give me his bill and leave.  Which he did. You see, Colin was not there to guide him along today!  So I have spent today trying to find someone to finish the fireplace install.  It really is too early to start drinking wine but I am thinking about it.  Now you know why my post was delayed today.  Good enough reason, eh!

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7 Responses to “Stalemate”

  1. Elaine NB Canada says:

    me thinks you need vino via IV…this is getting unreal….poor you!!!

    • contessa says:

      Elaine……poor me in more ways than one, we should have bought shares in the Liquour Stores.

      Pat……your turn next, come on over anytime.

      Marty…..and that is why I burst so to speak the other day.

      George……I think it is not a matter of luck but just how things are in the Okanagan.


  2. Pat says:

    Hey…I never heard anything about a glass of wine!!! Thought he was gone a long time.

  3. Marty says:

    It just keeps growing and growing and………..

  4. longdog2 says:

    Maybe you should just leave it until Colin has time. Sounds like he has a better handle on it than the installer or maybe it is just that Colin can read. Someday you’ll go back and read your blog and laugh.

  5. Hmm lotsa bad luck but not much good luck, think things need to get better, once you head south,
    Travel soon and safe.

  6. Debra says:

    So sorry to see you having so many challenges with home construction. That must really be stressful….hope you have lots of wine!
    Your hot tub looks awesome though!!!!