Sep 24, 2012

Que Pasa!!

I have been trying to write this post for  three days now but my time is not my own.   It belongs to 'the trades' whom I pay to come here so I can supervise them.  Who pays me?

This fellow is a great craftsman, he did a huge amount of work in the building of our home and we have been able to get him to do some work for us after hours which means late nights for him and for us. Here he is installing our kitchen backsplash. Yes it is a vineyard scene.

Earlier he had started constructing our outside stairs and I noticed he had sawdust in all his creases!!!

We woke up one morning and our valances had fallen. That has been repaired but my 'blind guy' had to come back 3 times to get it right. The blinds are perfect and we wouldn't change a thing. They roll right up under that valance and you don't see them at all. Best of all is that they do cut the heat tremendously when down.

We have been enjoying this beautiful month where here in B.C. and we are breaking heat records.  Unfortunately that also means many spontaneous forest & grass fires, large and small.  The large Peachland fire which started Sept. 9th did result in the loss of four homes, one of which belonged to clients of ours.  They lost everything except the clothes on their backs.  Very sad circumstances for them.  Thank goodness for insurance but they each had a business runnig out of their home, she is an interior designer and he a builder so all their business records have also been destroyed.  It seems that there is a new fire starting around us almost daily.  Every time I smell smoke I check the source.

Yesterday a 40' Class A caught fire just 10Km outside of Kelowna. It was completely destroyed as the propane tank, diesel tank all exploded.  You would not even know that it had been an RV once the flames were put out.  I'm sure those people must be devastated at their loss.

We have had a lot of smokey haze so I have been able to leave the blinds up all day and enjoy the coming and going of the waterfowl.  Even though we still have unpacked boxes and are awaiting this & that, we feel like we are renting a cabin on a lake somewhere.  It is hard to believe that this is our home.  Lucky, lucky us!  Lots of work but oh so worth it.

While making a repair to the flooring, a trade guy made a hole, yes a hole in the wood. Here we have the boss of the company making repairs and he also will have to come back yet again!!! Sigh!!!!

With our move into the house, the motorhome has grown in size.  We basically just moved the office here and a very very few clothes.

As you can see we did spread the office out in the house. Neither of us has a proper desk yet, mine might not be ready until April so the computers are on small computer stands and the files in baskets and boxes. The yellow pole on the right is holding up a new wood beam that was installed earlier in the day.

I had a credenza delivered last Thursday but it was damaged so hopefully a new one will get here within a few weeks.  Meanwhile I have spread myself out on the dining room table.  Yesterday  Colin was out doing photography in three homes for the Tommie awards so I sat at the table and made serious inroads into catching up with company taxes, GST payments, bank reconciliations and filing.  You can almost see the table this morning.  It was great being able to work with no trades and no phone calls and of course being able to look up at the lake every now and then.

So far today we have had one trade cancel and the fireplace installer has been here for 3 hours, but has only just figured out how to put it together.  It is going to be a huge job, glad we hired a proper gas fitter but at $93.00 per hour…….yikes!  Hopefully our stairs will be completed tonight and so on and so on.

We had unexpected company Saturday, an RV couple who we met in California but only live just a few hours away in Kamloops.  Then we had a knock at the gate in the arbour from a couple wanting to know who built our house.  I caved and let them inside.  They love it ( of course ) and now want to build one similar to ours.  Then the owner of Holiday Park Resort dropped in with his wife with a few goodies and to congratulate us on our beautiful home.  It was a busy Saturday, plus 2 trades.  Now I remember why I enjoyed the peacefulness of Sunday so much.

Pat, I did see you go past, just drop in, don't be formal.  Funny how we saw more of each other when we lived in different cities.

Going to be a high of 27C today!!


Quote of the day!

My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.


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5 Responses to “Que Pasa!!”

  1. Pat says:

    We would have popped in, but were out for a walk with friends that were here for lunch. We’ll drop by to see the fireplace when it’s done. Just make sure they get the ceiling hole placed correctly the 1st time!

    • contessa says:

      Pat…better wait a few days for the fireplace!!

      George….not even thinking about Mexico yet!

      Elaine…never ending, maybe I’ll write a book & that will be the title. The backsplash is me for certain.

      Longdog….yes we have been very fortunate with the weather, was suppose to rain today but it is back to sunshine.

  2. Looks like everything is coming together and all will be ready for you to leave it and hop in the motorhome and leave for sunny Mazatlan, Relax there on the beach.

  3. Elaine says:

    Wow it sure seems never ending for you…but it does look like its all coming together..hope you are getting some rest…love the backsplash…hope the fur babies are well

  4. longdog2 says:

    At least you are having good weather so that isn’t impeding completion. Even inside work seems to get held up in bad weather.