Sep 09, 2012

Coming together!

Colin worked for hours yesterday in the new place, our cleaning lady could only stay for 2 hours but that was 2 hours less for Colin to do.  When I finally went over I was amazed at the changes.  He moved the rosewood bookcase to a different wall and it looks fabulous.  I had intended to suggest it to him but he beat me to it.  We do often think along the same lines.  He had even put down a template  of where our new fireplace will go.  Hope to get it delivered next week. We had to rearrange where his desk will go. Things don't always work out in real life as they do on paper.

One thing led to another, we thought to start in the bedroom but that led to placing area carpets ( because they were stored in the bedroom ) on the floor which look pretty good.  We will likely keep them there. Still lots of open area to see the flooring we put in.  Then it took 90 minutes of discussion to sort out the front hall area and closet.  Got that resolved.  He had to go pick something up at Home Depot and in that time I unloaded the five wardrobe boxes which opened up the area.  I found another 4 kitchen boxes.  How many mugs, cups, water glasses, juice glasses and wine glasses does one need?  Six shelves full???  Pat, you had better come purge.

I was thinking how much space we had until I remembered the loaded RV!  When we come back from Mexico in April that will be the true test of our space and most importantly closet space.  I see more purging in my future.

The girls love cuddling up on the new bed. I am relieved that they seem happy in the house. Yesterday Carmeh recognized a piece of furniture that she use to have a toy hidden in by us. She kept trying to get her toy out, of course the toy is in a box somewhere but I am impressed at how smart she is.

Today will be devoted to more unpacking and sorting things out.  Colin has one photo shoot and a date with me in the house……to work!!  We have two trades people coming, big sigh, but maybe I'll get lucky and they won't show up.  It is Sunday after all.  I know one of them wants money so he will probably turn up!

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4 Responses to “Coming together!”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Other than clothes, what would you be taking out of the RV? Don’t you keep dishes, pans, etc., stocked in there all the time?

    • contessa says:

      Longdog, clothes and bathroom stuff, first aid stuff, dog first aid stuff and right now my entire kitchen is in the RV as is all the dog stuff & toys. I usually keep things divided.

      Pat….get Colin to give you the key and don’t let me in till you are done!

      George…..just can’t do it. Everything is attached to a memory.

  2. Pat says:

    Well, yes I could help with the purging….but you might not be too pleased with the results when you find that half of your things have another home (ie: goodwill or dumpster). I’m ruthless!!

  3. Yes it is coming together, looking good. Have fun purging!