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Sep 30, 2012

Quacking ducks @ 11:50PM

Yes we live on Duck Lake and it is to be expected but they seem to be getting louder and louder as fall moves on. Colin took this shot at 11:50PM, he said the ducks were swarming in front of our beach house.  After he took the shot he woke me up so I could […]


Sep 28, 2012


Thank God it's Friday!!! Yesterday wasn't too bad, our Phantom Screen door was installed and my custom made TV stand appeared.  A few smaller inside items were completed.  Only stressful thing was the house builder showing up to do a tour of our house to new clients of his.  I don't mind it ( for […]


Sep 26, 2012

RV Insurance

Good news if you have a Class A or Class B RV and happen to be a member of Family Motor Coach Association  (FMCA).  Effective October 1, 2012 as part of your annual dues they have added a variety of travel and medical services. For an additional fee of $105.00 annually you also get things […]


Sep 25, 2012


Maybe we are too fussy.  But don't you think we are entitled to be concerned about the details of things going into our home?  Wouldn't you want the best in your home? Yesterday was my undoing!  I forbade someone to come here today, I hung up on another and this morning I had to let […]


Sep 24, 2012

Que Pasa!!

I have been trying to write this post for  three days now but my time is not my own.   It belongs to 'the trades' whom I pay to come here so I can supervise them.  Who pays me? We have been enjoying this beautiful month where here in B.C. and we are breaking heat […]


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