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Aug 23, 2012

Que pasa!

The wildfire was contained at about 10 hectares.  It was a Rank 2 and they had air tankers laying retardant, two helicopters dumping water ( so nice to be living in Lake Country ) and bulldozers on site.  Since the huge fire here in Kelowna nine years ago people move fast when a fire is […]


Aug 22, 2012


Lots to tell you about the house and I will get in a post in later.  Actually too much happening, we can't keep up.  Meanwhile we had 100km/h winds and lightening yesterday and now we are dealing with this, just a mile down the road.  We are in  no danger that I know if but […]


Aug 19, 2012

My whip worked!!

Yesterday we had a fellow working on the add a room. I plan to keep wielding that new whip of mine today.  It's a race against the weather.  Enjoy your Sunday!


Aug 18, 2012

It will be beautiful…..

…if it ever gets completed. There is lots to do in every room of the house but most trades are waiting for the add a room to be completed so they have the completed space to work in. Yesterday, Friday, the windows for the add a room arrived, some the correct size but most not. […]


Aug 16, 2012

Que Pasa!

Well the sun is still shining and the sky hasn't fallen so all is good in my world.  On the bright side with only 2.5 months into my new online business I made $295.00 dollars yesterday.  A great payment for less than 10 minutes of online work per day.  Tomorrow will show a $10,000.00 profit […]


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