Aug 30, 2012

What happened….???

UPDATE  Colin's email address is 

A solution for the curving beam was found, the wood was built up by several inches, huge bolts were put through the beam and the beam was pulled by a tight 'rope' to the other beam lakeside for several days thus delaying the inside finishing.

Randy the window covering guy came back to remeasure the windows before placing the final order.

Naive or what? Colin wanted low voltage lighting in the kitchen which required the hiring of a special electrician to install. What we thought would take a few hours turned out to be a full 14 hour install over 2 full days. We should have got a quote for the entire job instead of paying by the hour! Yikes!! The entire project does look spectacular now that it is completed.

Our friends Colin & Jannose entertained themselves thru the day, lunch out a a gold course, visiting a friend, back here to play Holiday Park gold course and then a ride on the lake. Carmeh really wanted to go for a paddle with them but we said no for safety sake.

So nice to see our kayaks being used. I wish I had the energy that these two have.

We finished the day with wine & Papa Murphys Pizza. Notice the new living room furniture;)

On Tuesday August 28th.

Jannose & Colin continued on to visit family in Oliver.  We had a wonderful visit despite it being so short and us being so busy.

A strange event occurred Tuesday. We had 3 electricians in at the same time. This was the first fellow working for the house builder.

Number two is Herb who is working on the add a room side of the house for that contractor.

Then we had our low voltage guy completing the light installation. You might say our place is wired!!

We had the siding guy also completing that end of things on Wednesday.

Then we had the painter who was also there on Wednesday.

The official gas guy!! He was here all day! Our furnace is behind that door.

The water softener fellow did his thing. Now I can finally use the toilet.

…and on Wednesday, the 29th…

We had me on house arrest so no photos, the caulking guy for the add a room section, the plumber and the woodworking guy.  Some start at 8AM and others only show up mid afternoon or after 5PM and stay till 10PM.  Sadly our wood craftsman never finished the beam wood work  Wednesday PM and is now gone till the end of the weekend.  The good news is that all the sawing is done so we won't have another mess to cleanup in that area even the furniture is in.

Are you tired yet?  I sure am!

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6 Responses to “What happened….???”

  1. Elaine NB Canada says:

    glad you got the highjack straightened out!!!! wow your busy..I’m tired just reading it all…get some rest

    • contessa says:

      Elaine…that email hijack was the last thing we needed!!

      George….almost…now quite….give me 2 more months!

      Catheline….thanks…if I am a zombie in Mexico this winter you will know why!

      Heri…thanks you so much and mi casa es su casa….always!!! Many thanks to you and your family for reaching out being willing to help me out of a crisis situation.

      Connie….yes…well that wee curve over the bar and the lite install cost us and extra $700.00….totally not expected. However just perfect overall!!

  2. Now you can almost sit back and relax, enjoy.

  3. Catheline says:

    Hold in there Contessa, everything is looking so beautiful!!!
    The view out the windows is breathtaking.

  4. Heri says:

    Your new place it’s beautiful, hope someday to go there and visit you guys…

  5. Connie (DE&PA) says:

    Progress is being made – love the way the lights above your bar mimic the curved shape of the bar – neat idea! When our daughter had her little Yorkie, she wore a doggy life jacket on him – he loved to go for rides in our kayaks – but they stayed near shore just in case. Everything is looking good up there!