Aug 26, 2012

"The Sky is Falling"

….said Chicken Little!

I sort of feel that the sky is falling on us also!!

I have been on an enforced RV rest, no walking, no stairs, nothing but resting and relaxing.  My body is still trying to recover from an incident I had the end of June and has been getting worse rather than better.  Colin read me the riot act, do nothing but get better or else!  So I haven't been to the house for a few days, not even by golf cart.  Rather then deal with things the past few months I just pushed thru the pain and  kept doing things.  Now I am at the breaking point with no choice but to sit or the sky will fall on me!!

Colin goes to the new place every night to check on things and to just sit and think.  He noticed last night that the main support beam in the house is bending, ever so slightly.  There are no cracks in the ceiling but there are stress cracks in the wood so he called the builder at home on  Sunday morning, not something we would normally do but hey, what if the roof was falling!!!

I couldn't capture ( yes I snuck over to the house )the bulge which is to the left of the beam. Final word by the builder, we will deal with it on Monday.

We had 3 guys working on the house on Saturday plus another Sunday finishing up the add a room.  Well they think they are finished but I know better.  Will deal with that later, not a major concern right now.

You may or may not have noticed that my online business banner is gone from this website.  Zeek has fallen, well actually they have been shut down. The US Securities & Exchange Commission has frozen the company.  There is much talk about the whys and whatnot, some believe it to be a Ponzi scheme which in the past few days it has proven not to be.  There are all kinds of lawsuits being launched against the USA Government for shutting down Zeek/Rex Venture Group.  It will be an interesting ride to watch all the developments in the months to come. I believe that this company grew too fast and was grossly mismanaged at the end.  Zeek affiliates are likely to get their original input funds back as there is enough money in the company to so.  I have come out of all of this just fine.  I loved doing Zeek and I miss it so much.  It was fun while it lasted.  Personally I believe that the sky has fallen on Zeek although many are holding out for it to be vindicated and get back up running.

Meanwhile, it is time to pick up the pieces and move on.

Today, late afternoon we have friends arriving for a visit.  They will stay in the condos here at Holiday Park for the 2 nights they are here.  We are looking forward to their visit as well as a bunch of 'stuff' happening at the house tomorrow.

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5 Responses to “"The Sky is Falling"”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Were you taking pictures behind Colin’s back???? Take care of yourself. The house will get finished.

    • contessa says:

      Longdog….you caught me:) It is more a question of meeting the deadline.

      Marty….how did you guess!! I Started the exercises 3 days ago and they are helping.

      George…we have movers on the 4th. The trades here in Kelowna have a very laid back attitude and we are at their mercy.

      Pat…..thanks for both statements!

  2. marty says:

    If you don’t rest I’m driving all the way up there and make you rest! (I know it’s a trick to get us to visit) Are you doing your exercises?

  3. Just relax and get better, your house will get done, I am sure they want to be paid too.

  4. Pat says:

    Good call on Colin’s part. Time to rest and recuperate. Countertop looks great.