Aug 24, 2012

Unwanted telephone calls!!

Do you want to put a stop to phone calls from telemarketing companies?

Did you know that the Canadian Government will be making cell phone numbers public this month?  That means you could be charged for calls from telemarketers.

If you want to prevent telemarketing calls to both your home phone and your cell phone, you can register your telephone numbers with the National DO NOT CALL list.  This is good for five years and then you must re register your numbers.

We did this with our home phone two years ago and it made a huge difference in the number of solicitations we received.  I have now added our business line as well as our cell phone.

Thanks Gisele for passing on the information.

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8 Responses to “Unwanted telephone calls!!”

  1. longdog2 says:

    I sure hope your Canadian “Do Not Call” list works better than our US one. I have registered both our home phone and our cell phones a couple of times and continue to get unwanted calls. “Rachel”, the machine telemarketer voice, from Card Services calls frequently. If you wait and get one of their people to answer to tell them to remove your phone number, they just hang up on you. The latest thing is for companies to “text” your cellphone which, if you don’t have unlimited texting, means you are paying them to harrass you. You can block all texts but, if you do that, you can no longer receive a picture that you don’t mind paying for. It’s a sore subject.

    • contessa says:

      Longdog…..texting your cell is nasty!!

      Croft….it blocks most of the calls for certain. I always told that Microsoft guy that we had no computer, that totally confused him.

      Shelagh…..hope it works for your cell phones. Next time you come to town please drop in and visit.

      Bob….never had call display till we moved here on August 6th and changed phone companies for the next 3 months. I love it. Problem with the neighbors is likely jealousy.

  2. Croft says:

    Thanks, I have had enough calls from the Asian guy from “Microsoft” who wants to “fix” my computer if I would only give him access to my bank accounts. I will register and hope it works.

  3. Shelagh says:

    thanks for the link, I added our two cell phone numbers, we each have a dollar pay as you go plan so it would be awful to have our minutes used up by telemarketers.

    Your house looks wonderful, such a beautiful spot to be living on. Our friends live in Winfield and have a pretty outlook on Duck lake but nothing compared to your lakefront.

    Cheers from Vancouver.

  4. Shelagh says:

    make that ten dollar plan!!!!!!

  5. Bob says:

    One of the reasons I came to love call display. Only once did I not pick up when a sister-in-law was calling. Turns out she DOES work for the government of Canada! Didn’t want to talk to those guys!
    She left a message. No big deal.

    I’ve been catching up on the reading. Not quite sure why neighbours would complain about the parking? Don’t they see what’s going on? Are they retarded?
    Some folks could do with a kick in the a$$, but that’s just my usual thought process…

  6. marty says:

    Like Longdog our US do not call list does NOT work. We have caller id (call display) so we can avoid answering them. They are still a nuisance, I usually have to run from another part of the house, only to see “unavailable” or a 1-800 number. The worst are the collection agency calls for my ex daughter-in-law, it’s always a robot that calls so I can’t tell them to bug off, or more fun give them her current phone number. They leave a number to call but I’m not wasting my time with that.

  7. Bob & Marjorie says:

    Hi Contessa,
    The “do not call list” apparently does not effect companies that you are currently doing business with ..such as the bank, insurance company, phone company. So we are constantly being inundated by calls wanting us to upgrade our services. I can’t imagine getting more of these calls on our cell numbers.
    Also, these “do not call lists” have been rumoured to have been sold to off shore telemarketing companies….so the unwanted calls still may come.