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Jul 31, 2012

What a day?

Our vet was an hour late……but we were not upset as she was coming in from vacation to do Carmeh's surgery.  While waiting for Susan to arrive  her daughter Jessica ( it is a husband, wife and daughter vet team ) gave Carmeh her preop. I felt so bad leaving her there, I had tears […]


Jul 30, 2012

Lots to do….

……my cold is better but my head is spinning.  I know I will get through the next few weeks….somehow!  My trick is to focus on the next few hours and not what has to be done later….too scary.  I think I have taken on too many things of late. Saturday we had a lovely late […]


Jul 28, 2012

A bit better…

…went to bed at 9PM the past 2 nights and this morning I felt much better.  I even took 4 hours off this morning to sit in the sun and read and relax.  What a treat.  Sore throat gone, just some sneezing now.   I think I wore myself out.  Colin has been doing photoshop […]


Jul 27, 2012

Photos by Colin

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, generally exhausted and fighting a sore throat.  Just trying to get thru the days. It's going to be over 32C today!  Spent a few hours at the house getting the kitchen countertops measured for the granite.  Of course there were a few issues with that but they were […]


Jul 25, 2012

Que Pasa

Lots of things happening….actually in my world when aren't there things happening? Carmeh is scheduled for surgery on Monday July 30th.  I am so glad because sooner is better plus we will still be on this site for her first 7 days post surgery  decreasing any confusion or new noises ( like the noisy kids […]


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