Jun 21, 2012


Oh my goodness or whatever words you choose to use for OMG…….not those words for me!!!

We are back to, too much, too fast to OMG!!!  Way too much to post under Que Pasa!  Honestly, the worst was driving into Kelowna ( 45 minutes ) for a pre arranged meeting to check on our stain glass windows.  The guy had done nothing and what he had done was not worthy of our time!!  He expected applause but I was so put off  ( again feel free to change the words  PO’D)at what he had to show me!!!  I was so schocked that I never even took a photo….what a waste of 90 minutes.  Next time take a picture and email me your pencil sketch.

Meanwhile Colin discovered that we had a window cut into the house with the wrong dimensions. We have heard that you really have to check each day….we didn’t want to bug the builder……well  OMG…..we will be there daily!!  Still working on that problem.

Yes Elaine, I got my glasses and I can see….I just don’t have the 5 hours required to get them adjusted correctly.  My eyelashes are being squished.  I gave an hour yesterday, maybe in July, I will have a few more hours.

Contessa relax.....remember this great scene Tuesday evening....with the sun setting on the right reflecting the light on the left.......breathe...sip.....breathe....much better! Just a few more sips please.......

Maybe it has to do with the crack cement guy…..yes he came back into my life Wednesday:((  We will need to, on day 1, get everything power washed.

First of all he did actually show up at the allocated time on the correct day which sent us into a tizzy to get everything off the new cement and the patio. In helping I tripped and fell....twisted my body and have a few issues....the wine is helping!


We certainly do have a large patio, when there is nothing on it.

So we have two more days with the crack guy and then I guess I will have to pay them the rest of the money…..but then I never ever have to see them again:)  Did I tell you….actually did I tell you Bob,  that you are my new contractor!!!   For those who read his blog you will know he makes a great caretaker!!

Oh, however did I forget to mention that we had to have repairs done to the propane oven due to the overwhelming fumes.  We have been smelling this for about 18 months and have spent at least $600.00 in trying to find the source of the leak.  Somehow another $450 has solved the  problem.

Did you know that this is what it looks like with your RV stove top removed...only four screws so he said!!!!!

I have expressed enough OMG for today…..stay tuned!

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7 Responses to “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. I have taken our stove and oven out a couple times to fix things just four small screws and out it comes. Soon you will have everything fixed up, new house built and settled in, will you not find it boring?

    • contessa says:

      George…..never boring…..time to relax would be great.

      Sandie….gracias…..not too many sips!

      Croft…..love the play on the captcha words. I really like the idea of hiring a Mexican chef, wish I had thought of it. The house is being built elsewhere in a factory and will be delivered to where the RV is right now, we will move the RV to a friends site and when we come back from MExico in Paril we will rent a storage site here at Holiday Park. The grass area will remain grass. The new house will sit pretty much where the RV is and come right out to the grass, about 44′ X 22′ total.

      longdog2…..the dogs help so much but they do feel our stress….well, my stress as Colin says he doesn’t get stressed.

      The Ducks…..sound like where I want to be right about now!

      Marty…..today is a better day…..thank goodness.

  2. Sandie says:

    Hang in there Contessa, everything is going to be just fine.There, there now. Take another sip. It’s all so beautiful.

  3. Croft says:

    Peace, tranquility, relaxation! Another sip.

    These propane problems are a PIA (Propane Initiated Anxiety)! For that $1050 you could have bought a new oven and hired the services of a Mexican chef for a month!

    I see your new home will rest where the RV is parked but what is that where the photo was taken! Is that part of your patio or is it common property? What about the grass area? I am just trying to visualise the lay of the land.

    😉 The “Captcha” image below is FA2T with the “2” looking surprisingly like an “R” 😉 Still way better than the two word blurry image on some Blogs. I removed mine altogether and although I get 3 – 5 spams per day, only three or four have ever made it past Bloggers spam filter.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. longdog2 says:

    Wow, you are really having a time right now. Take a deep breath, give the dogs some long snuggles–that is a sure cure for stress.

  5. Woof! Too much! Have more wine.

    I just barged in to give you this information:

    “California Boondocking: The Sierra Nevada Mountains and Coast – A Frugal Shunpiker’s Guide”

    Draw a line on the California map from Lake Tahoe to Fort Bragg. This California camping and boondocking guide concentrates on southwestern California’s natural areas south of that line. It follows two routes. The mountain route takes you from Ventura (just north of Los Angeles) along the mighty Kern River Valley, to Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks; the beautiful Sierra Nevada high country north of Yosemite; and historic Rte 49 that winds through the gold mining towns and wine country of the foothills.

  6. marty says:

    After reading your post I went on Facebook. The newest post was by my young Ukrainian friend titled, “OMG I love Buffalo Wild Wings!” OMG must be pretty universal!

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