May 31, 2012

The Trades!!

Boy have we been inundated with workers.  If not for the beach site but for the house we have sold.  Plus everyone in the park just has to walk or drive by to check things out…makes for a very busy area.  Tuesday was a huge day with 5 ‘trades’ coming in.

I have learnt to be dressed and ready by 7:30AM ( I wasn't yesterday and had a Telus guy in here with me in my nightie! he wasn't in my nightie, I was....sigh) !!! Well if that doesn't get you hanging onto the rope nothing will:) In the photo we have 3 trades at the beach site by 7:45AM.

Walter & Mike ( firefighters in disguise ) got to working on a new irrigation install first thing. I should mention here that Holiday Park Resort sent out thank you letters to all who helped with the fire last Friday including these two.

Frank who lives here at Holiday Park made us a new water box cover.....he must be over 80 and still does carpentry stuff every day. Great guy.

Next to arrive was Dave from Mobile RV Repairs. He determined that our inverter/charger died and that we need a new one. Finally found the only one in Calgary, close to $2000.00 BEFORE shipping, install, etc. Just hope it comes soon. Good thing we are use to boondocking. Meanwhile Carmeh was checking that we had no mice under the bed.

By 9:00 AM our cleaning lady came to put in a solid 6.5 hours in cleaning the house for the new owners.  Finally S & K cement guys showed up……with my third load of crush for the front of my cedars.  The day prior they arrived with huge pieces of rock, I said “no”!  I had ordered on May 10th what I wanted and had provided a sample.  The truck driver looked at me with daggers but came back an hour later with miniscule bits of nothing sitting in a powder dust.  I said “no”!!  The cement crew and the delivery guy were not happy with me….well I was not happy with them.  Off he went.  So when the third truck arrived Tuesday morning I was happy to see it was what I had ordered and what I was paying for!!  Dad you would have been so proud of me!!  I also at that point, told them it was not enough.  An hour later they had to go back and get another yard……I am not just a dumb blonde!

So while the cement guys talked on their phones I worked!!

Robert helped Colin move the big pieces into the shed so we could finally move from the house shed to this new shed before the rain started.

It has been an incredible amount of planning and work to get this far in such a short amount of time, but we are almost there!!!

Yesterday, Wednesday the 30th, we were to have only one trade in and ended up with four…..I just might be disappointed next week to have no one come calling!!  Fear not it will then be back to choosing toilets and door knobs and such…



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6 Responses to “The Trades!!”

  1. Sandie says:

    Good for you for standing your ground and getting what you paid for. If they’d do it right the first time they wouldn’t have to keep coming back. I bet the girls are doing a great job of supervising and checking everything out.

    • contessa says:

      Sandie…not easy to stand up to these guys but I have to live with the results and that is what gave me the strength to do what I did.

      George….NEVER….and that is a shout.

      Kevin…..gracias….yes too busy but soon to settle down.

  2. Just think when all this is over, life will be so boring for you, that you just might have to do it again!

  3. I am a little behind and will have to go back a few days to catch up. congratulations on the sale, I am happy to hear it all went through. Definitely sounds busy there.

  4. danshula says:

    Congrats,it looks fantastic,I am sure you will enjoy the new location.

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