May 30, 2012

Cement pour…

…things have settled just a tiny bit, a few hiccups but mostly things I can cope with.  So just to catch you up to date in the cement pour.

This fellow spent most of the last two days on the phone!!! Sorta reminded me of our cement pour in Mazatlan where the one fella just watched the activity. Colin is up on the RV roof, trying to tape plastic to the rig, as they advised us that the cement might fly and spatter the RV!!!

Finally after lots of fiddling about things got going. Yes it is coloured cement! We have learnt too much about cement this past week....this will dry to a lighter colour...thank goodness.

This is what they call magic dust. It is a second colour applied over the wet cement.

The magic dust is then stamped over the wet cement forming a pattern ( in this case matching our existing slate patio ). However, in this case the colour is a wee bit pink for me! Hmmmm. They say it will lighten over the next month.

After several hours the dust is power washed off and a seal is applied. Then we wait 28 days for the next steps.

Can you see how pink the grass is, this is not a water soluble product!! I now have pink shoes as does Colin and the girls are sporting pink toes!!  In the last few days we are seeing some lightening of colour and hopefully it will turn out just as we wanted.  Our existing slate stone patio is more of a terra cotta colour and we are trying to blend the two tones.  Now you know more about cement that you really wanted to.

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  1. Thanks for the cement lesson, looking good!

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