May 03, 2012

True Confessions…..

…when we first moved to Kelowna we sold a ton of stuff….I mean a ton.  There are two items that we regretted.

The first is our beautiful Italian heron statue that was a deal breaker…the fellow would only pay us the thousands we were asking for our 4 poster solid oak bedroom set if we threw in the heron for an additional $300.00.  Colin was not home that day and now nine years later I am still reminded almost on a daily basis of how much he misses that heron!  Well, my opinion at that time was $3300.00 in the hand, cash I might add, was worth sacrificing a bird!!!

It was gorgeous!

Nine years ago we had no place to put it and now we do. So if you ever see anything like this let us know. We want it back! I'll even pay you a finders fee!!

The other little…..well I guess it is now a huge issue was the sale of our rosewood dinning room set.

We still have the rosewood hutch and the rosewood side buffet but once again we had to sell the table and chairs because of space.

We especially loved the way the chairs curved to support the lower back and how the wood continued right to the ground.

Over the past year I have spent many hours online trying to track down an oval rosewood table.  I had no idea that rosewood was so near extinction.  Many types of rosewood are indeed extinct and others are protected.  The only way to replace our dining set would be to buy used.  Twenty four hours after selling this house I decided to do a search online and I found an oval table in Toronto.  So sight unseen, just looking at photos I bought it.  A week ago I found rosewood chairs online at a different store in Toronto, they had been posted just a few hours earlier.  I bought those also without even sitting on them.  So now I have recreated our dining room furniture to a certain degree, certainly not the same quality we had years ago and we will build the house around it. All the pieces will be shipped here next week.  At least Colin will be happier~

Now if I could only find that elusive heron!

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4 Responses to “True Confessions…..”

  1. robert says:

    give a call to the one you sold it to maybe she will sell it back to you .
    tell her a sad story about how colin kept rubbing in to you
    never know maybe she will sell to you I would

    • contessa says:

      Robert…I really wish I had the name and tel# of who purchased the heron but I don’t. We do have that information on the table and chairs and we did call the couple but they won’t even consider selling it back to us even for more money!! Tres triste.

      George…we sold all we had to make the move here to Kelowna. We had no idea what the future held for us job wise and just sold all we could and what we had to. Fortunately our story has a happy ending and things like herons and tables are simply things…..people are the most important thing in life.

  2. Good luck with funding yours stuff. We had some great heirlooms but have only gone as far as family, so will be there for us if we would like to have them back , not likely thou.

  3. I sure hope that the chairs you bought will be as comfortable as the ones you sold. We were lucky with our stuff when we sold it. There really wasn’t anything of value or even sentimental value really. We had a few pictures a few other odds and ends but that was it. We did have a dining room buffet that Lindsey now has, it was Kevin’s grandmother’s, so I am glad that stayed in the family. Good luck with the search for a heron.

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