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May 31, 2012

The Trades!!

Boy have we been inundated with workers.  If not for the beach site but for the house we have sold.  Plus everyone in the park just has to walk or drive by to check things out…makes for a very busy area.  Tuesday was a huge day with 5 ‘trades’ coming in. By 9:00 AM our […]


May 30, 2012

Cement pour…

…things have settled just a tiny bit, a few hiccups but mostly things I can cope with.  So just to catch you up to date in the cement pour. Can you see how pink the grass is, this is not a water soluble product!! I now have pink shoes as does Colin and the girls […]


May 29, 2012

End of my rope!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reached the end of my rope last night ( Sunday ).  After two extremely crazy and intense days of moving, cleaning, etc. I was finally making us dinner about 8:40PM when I smelled fire!  I grabbed an extinguisher and Colin unplugged us and we searched and we searched and sniffed…finally nailed it down to […]


May 26, 2012

Fire at Holiday Park Resort

About an hour into our move yesterday I looked down the road and was shocked to see a fire.  Fire in an RV park is extremely serious due to close proximity to each other and  propane tanks, lots of them!  Fortunately, Walter Bulten, recently retired from the local volunteer fire department was doing some work […]


May 25, 2012

Moving Day !!

Due to weather forecasts and photography jobs waiting, we have just decided to make today move day so Colin is free to go if he has to.  We are in the process of moving into the RV…….right now!  No time for last minute nostalgia, the last sleep in that bed, the last shower in a […]


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