Apr 30, 2012

Marathon weekend…..

…I feel like I got out of bed this morning… still running!!  Saturday we left the girls at home as we raced around town for six hours choosing kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, bathroom stuff, bedroom stuff and packing stuff, etc.

This is a really cool shower. It glides up and down the pole, you can lower it to a sore shoulder area and turn on the pulsing jets So many details to think about. We lucked out and in 2 places got the manager to help us and things moved quickly and efficeintly. So many new products out there.

Our last stop was to check if they carried our current mattress which we love, in a king which we are upgrading to. They don't. In fact mattress manufacturers change their procuct annually as we learned. So we were forced to do the bed hop thing. I really liked this one and had a nap...yes this is our final selection.

I don’t even remember Friday night or what we had for dinner.  I am going to bed early and  now getting up early.  The days are a blur.  Sunday was our day to work around the two sites.  I had planned to get some invoicing done and didn’t.  That is my next thing today….we need to get some money coming in and soon!

I started on the inside....

...while Colin emptied both sheds and consolidated the contents into garage sale, garbage and the rest back into the one shed at our current home.

The lake site shed was dismantled by Robert and moved section by section to his lake site. Once our cement work is done we will get a new shed.

It was good to get all the outside stuff done yesterday as it rained all night.  Colin tells me that I fell asleep eating dinner!!!  Have a good day everyone.


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3 Responses to “Marathon weekend…..”

  1. Wow, so glad we are retired, fulltime in our coach and done with all that stuff. Take it easy Girl you gonna wear yourself out even more!

    • contessa says:

      George, I think even retired people go thru this from time to time. I do think that this will give us much more leisure time in the future. Once we head south in October our lives will change, looking forward to coming back next April to our dream home.

  2. longdog2 says:

    Love the shower. I don’t envy you all the work you still have ahead of you but hopefully the end result will be more than worth it.


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