Apr 29, 2012

From Mexico to Texas to Kelowna

Wonderful things are happening in Mazatlan.  A group of expats have created a community centre from a vision in just a few short months.  There is something for everyone to enjoy from theatre, to a child’s area, to a coffee bar with more to come.  The entire evolution of the process is best explained in Nancy’s blog post complete with photos.  If you are interested in reading about the dream and the process just click  on the first and second post.  I find it amazing that so much has evolved in such a small amount of time, well done folks.  I can hardly wait to check it all out in November.

On a different note and somewhat ironic one, a Canadian gangster from our very own province of British Columbia has been murdered near Puerto Vallarta.  He was at a high level in his organization that dealt with drugs and guns yet was murdered.  Apparently he thought he would be protected in Mexico.  As long as they keep disposing of each other, I say carry on!!  Now the RCMP are worried about a possible escalation of gang violence here in B.C. Read the story here.  The guy even had a RV that someone tried to bomb last January in Whistler.


Moving on to Texas where the wild flowers are blooming everywhere. Fellow RVing blogger Colleen who happens to have 3 doxies attended a Get’away Gals Trailer Tour and shared her tour by photo essay on her blog.

Flamingo Trailer Park

..the inside of one of the units. The trailers are all so cute so if you have a chance be sure to check out Colleens post.

That brings us right back here to Kelowna.  I had a question from a reader wanting to know why we were leaving this house?  We do love it here and it was suppose to be our forever home but to have a home right on the lake is a dream come true.  We already own the lake site so it was just a question of being able to sell this place which we did 6 days ago.  In order to get our new home built and ready for the end of September, we have to have all our plans and details in place by May 1st hence our hectic pace.

If you have not already done so you can help us by voting on the colour of the siding for the new home.


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6 Responses to “From Mexico to Texas to Kelowna”

  1. Nice to here that the gangsters are taking care if them selves, as it should be.

  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks, Contessa! We are so happy with how things are going at the new space. This should be a fun summer getting everything put together… you’ll have to come over in the fall – maybe Colin could give a concert?

    • contessa says:

      Nancy….not there is a thought…..maybe in February.

      Lurking reader….thanks for the email and you comments. Greatly appreciated and nice to know you are out there.

      George….yup, as it should be!!

      Longdog….wish I could have been there in person.

  3. longdog2 says:

    Thanks Contessa. The vintage trailers really are cute.

  4. contessa says:

    My Dad called and voted green!!

  5. contessa says:

    An email from a reader…..


    I have been lurking on your blog all winter and most of last winter and have enjoyed your adventures. We love Mazatlan and are happy to hear
    that the cruise lines are returning. Mexico must have lowered their port fees so that tourism can return.
    Thought I’d put in my two cents on your color choice. I’d prefer the ivy green as it would blend better into the landscape. We live in the mountains in
    Idaho and have a green w/white trim home and I think it looks much better than our neighbors red house. Of course that is personal choice.

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