Apr 28, 2012

Fun day!

We had so much fun yesterday, from buying a new storage shed to getting lost in Penticton and ending up at our window manufacturer by accident and that opened up a whole new world on things for the house.  We did get to the cabinet company and we now know more that we want to but so much fun!!

Our third stop of the morning was meeting this gal to get her used moving boxes and 5 bags of packing paper....we recycle the best we can!

However that left things somewhat cramped for the girls....and off we went to Penticton.

I have heard of double hung but not in windows...we will give it a try. They open from the bottom up or from the top down.

This is the latest gadget to replace the conventional round turning Lazy Susan! You open the cupboard door and it pulls forward 2 baskets from the far back as well as 2 baskets just behind the door where that steel piece is....for some reason those 2 baskets were missing. Very cool but at $1000.00!!!!!! No gracias senor.

Lovely relaxing drive back along the lake making plans as we drove.

We made a quick stop to pick up siding samples and I got to my massage with minutes to spare.

I must correct my first photo on yesterdays post, twas a goose and not a duck!  Guess I am not use to posting so early in the morning.  My apologies to the Ducks and to you folks and thanks for the correction.

This morning we awoke to 0C and a touch of frost…..furnace and fireplace both on full blast.  Still better than last April 28, 2011 when we has snow on the hills. We are off to spend more money today….such a tight timeline.

I appreciate all your votes and have decided to let the voting continue on the green or red siding colour.  One of our friends voted one colour and later in the evening her husband voted the other colour.  Hmmm do you think this is a trend…so get the rest of your family involved.  For instance, Ken…do you think Margot would vote that same colour??  I want more votes before we decide!

Here is a shot of the samples which still doesn't capture the exact colour but certainly better than yesterdays shots. You are allowed to change your vote.

Where we are living we are limited to what they call earth tone colors and most of the homes are using these colors.

This is what we have now, well for a few more weeks anyway!


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13 Responses to “Fun day!”

  1. Ken&Margot says:

    Still go for the Ivy Green, Margot later. KenB

  2. This is Kevin…I like them both, but if I had to choose I’d go green!

  3. Margot says:

    Contessa & Colin – I would choose the green. I hadn’t thought of that particular shade of green, but I can see it now, showing off all your other color choices in plants & flowers, outdoor furniture, etc. Green is such a calming color and it enhances all that is around it. A light colored trim (cream) would look nice too. So pleased and happy for you both – what excitement, what stress! Go for it!

  4. Just to throw off I still prefer Teal, even if its not a choice.

  5. Nancy says:

    I like the red best!

  6. Connie in PA says:

    You will love, love, love the double hung windows – they give great air circulation. We have them at home and at our beach cottage, too. Your place now is adorable!

  7. Marty says:

    I go with Connie-we need new windows and I would love to have double hung. I want that cupboard, too. I hate those lazy susan corners-something always gets wedged and the dern thing won’t turn around.

  8. Marty says:

    I see from the pic that those windows are Anderson-a decent choice. Do NOT and I repeat do NOT buy WeatherShield! The worse windows I’ve ever had experience with and they are very expensive! Plus they are made in odd sizes, so when you go to replace you either have to cut a different hole or go with WeatherShield again. We had to replace our patio door with the same brand and I’m only slightly less displeased with the new ones.

    And I still go with the green-it will stand out nicely against what all the neighbors have without looking out of place.

  9. This is Ruth and I would also go with the green. Looks like you are having fun!

  10. zoe says:

    I missed a lot of this conversation, but it looks so pristine and nice now, why the change? The red would be fun a more cabin in the woods look with the right trim. It sure is pretty, though, with your plants and garden.

  11. longdog2 says:

    Oh, the poor girls look so put upon wedged in there. I love the double-hung windows so the heat can go out the top. That is probably not as much of a problem there.

  12. Catheline says:

    I would defenitly go GREEN all the way.

    Life is good.

  13. Ena says:

    Today I’m catching up on as much as I can, hence the email with my vote for green siding on your new home. It sounds like you’ve been extremely and productively busy. That’s a great skill to have not only on day one, but especially on successive days. May all go according to plan! I look forward to your posts, as always.

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