Apr 27, 2012

New things…

Aren't they cute? Thanks to Robert for capturing the first new family of geese on Duck Lake this season. I guess they were out enjoying our blustery rainy day yesterday.

We are going for the open look in the new house and realized that we will have very little wall space for all our paintings and framed photos!!  Instead we will just be looking out at the lake and nature through many windows.

I have seen this Yellow Rumped Warbler flitting about the past few days. A first sighting for me in this area.

We went to see the showroom at our builders’ but he did not have the samples we are looking for.  Needless to say we are looking for different things.  We are off to Penticton this morning, about a 90 minute drive, to checkout the cabinet factory as our choices are needed right away re type of wood and colour, height, width, etc.  I get to end the day with my first massage in over five weeks, that should keep me motivated.

Meanwhile I need your input…..I want you to vote on the colour of our siding, I think I know what we want but your input will be fun.  If you can’t figure out how to vote via the comment box, just send me an email and I will include it into the comments for you with your vote.  Email address is at the top right of the page.  The photos are only for colour choice and are not the style of home.

Choice #1, Ivy Green with beige trim.

Choice #2, Colonial Red with beige trim....not black.

Choice #2 would look more like this with the beige trim.

Looking forward to your comments.

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22 Responses to “New things…”

  1. robert says:

    i would go with the green

  2. Sandie says:

    I vote for the green.

  3. Sharon Morin says:

    I vote for the green.

  4. Millie says:


  5. None of the above, but if thats all you have to choose, green would be it.

  6. Ken&Margot says:

    I go for the muted grey/green with off-white cream trim. KenB

  7. Ducks? For sure? That chinstrap is reminiscent of a Canada goose.


    What a Duck Really Looks Like

  8. Susie larose says:

    Well I’m for the red!! The baby duckling,s are adorable!! What ever colour you chose will be fine, red will stand out with all the green shrubery etc…

  9. carol says:

    Have been reading and enjoying your blog off and on for a few years now ..I vote for the green also ..
    Blends in a lot better than the red.. IMO

  10. Pat says:

    Colonial red…which also happens to be close to colour of our doors and trim.

  11. Cheryl Dodman says:

    I prefer red. but green would be beautiful too.

  12. Connie in PA says:

    I’m partial to red – but whatever you choose it will be lovely!

  13. Arizona Gal says:


  14. Garden Gal says:

    The red for sure, especially right on the lake!!

  15. Colleen says:

    Choice #1–Ivy Green

  16. Nancy Hodgson says:


  17. Pat says:

    Oh Oh…marital disagreement. Gord says that he chooses green…unless orange is an option!!!

  18. Dean says:

    Green! The other looks blah with beige trim (though it doesn’t with black trim). Also green would be harmonious with nature, whereas the red would look like a wound on the shore. Yep. Green!

  19. Bob says:

    Oh, I just knew SOMEBODY would have to point out that it was a Canada goose with her goslings. I’m just glad it wasn’t me, although I was tempted.
    I think I’d have to go with the green, even though neither colour would be my first choice.

    • contessa says:

      Good Luck Ducks and Bob…….sure missed that one. Thanks or the heads up.

      George….what colour would you choose?

  20. Walter says:

    I was going to vote green but when I saw your sight and the colour swatch I go with the red.

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