Apr 26, 2012

Glitch after glitch….

so did I mention that in order to get our home built we are on a time deadline.

~ we need to have the site surveyed…really don’t know why other than it is a park rule!!

~ we need to get our plan checked and approved by the architect…..he goes by the book, whatever book that might be!!

~ we revise and send back and he re revises, actually a lot of counters and negotiation.  Selling the place was easier!

~ sort of like a game of chess, moving pieces of furniture here and there to fit our allowed dimensions.

About 4:00PM yesterday afternoon we were heading to the builders to check on cabinet colors before we headed to Canadian Tire to go check on a new garden/ storage shed which might affect our layout.  Never got there!

Big glitch...our steps from the front door were not working for us. We did not want to give up our privacy by taking out all of our hedge. We had to decide on a solution as the concrete guy was coming this morning!! About an hour into it, our friend and neighbour Robert came by. He had some very good ideas. Think, measure, layout...over and over..lets try this idea, no good, try another.

Our boxwood hedge has already been dug up for a new home; the red mattress you see on the left is the edge of the new house, so concrete will have to be added here and there and there, looks like all that hedge has to go....

3 hours later I gave up, took the girls home to feed them, they never did get a walk on Wednesday. Colin kept at it for another hour. The Blue Spruce tree on the left as well as these cedars have to go. Fortunately we were able to save two Alberta Spruce trees....well at least we hope so!

It sure would be nice if we were not rushed to make these huge decisions!  About 7 PM Colin realized he had to go to the architects’ to pick up his original plans in order to be able to plan the change to the location of the front steps.  On the way back he picked up Papa Murphy’s Pizza….our 3rd order since got back April 14th!!!   We don’t eat during the day…too busy….hey guys, I’m still in my nightie till  mid afternoon.  Patti came by yesterday afternoon and wasn’t quite sure what was happening…I get up at 6AM and start from there….computer, phones, etc.

..the girls are not happy campers at all......no walk but finally dinner at 7PM!!!! Interestingly they are trying to give each other comfort, they do know something is up. Hopefully in 3 weeks everything will settle down.

On the plus side, instead of doing so much concrete ( $$$$ ) we are leaving a portion gravel ( to be turned into lava rock or Oyama shale and that allows me to keep for certain one Alberta Spruce and to plant a few rose bushes!!!  Bonus!

I went to bed at 11:00PM…Colin still working on the plans….I know we have several meetings today….concrete guy, irrigation mover guy, landscape guy, back hoe guy, etc. etc……and it is pouring rain!!  I really did take a moment yesterday while drawing on the master plan and looked up and out over the lake...it really will be worth it!

Who thinks that Colin has been playing his guitar?  If not, when was the last time he touched it?

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7 Responses to “Glitch after glitch….”

  1. Now you can hurry up and wait. Guitar playing will have to wait until Mexico I think.
    Good luck!

    • contessa says:

      George….you are right about the guitar playing!

      Good Luck Duck….or open a bootle of wine!

      Marty…you are right, the time will pass very quickly.

      Pat….only you would notice the wine glass !! Anytime you want to drop by and help….come on over….

      Susie….sad but necessary….I am also giving up my trees I brought in from Vancouver to this site.

      Elaine….so sorry you have not been well..you have all summer to catch up and keep up with me.

  2. Oh! so tired now. I need to take a quack.

  3. marty says:

    You won’t be bored this summer, that’s for sure! Hopefully the builders are as quick as they say they are! I guess you have your RV to fall back on.

  4. Pat says:

    I see that Mexican wine glass beside you as you’re kneeling on the patio!!! Lots for you to accomplish in the weeks ahead and with the rain today I’m sure you’re dreaming of the Isla.

  5. Susie larose says:

    So sad about your beautiful hedge and shrub,s!!

  6. Elaine says:

    WOW is all I can say…I’m trying to catch up on blogs..as we have both been feeling pretty miserable…you accomplished more in a few days that I could do in a month….I remember being as busy as you tho a year or so ago..I was constantly in ‘high gear’…I’ll probably have to re read your last few blogs to absorb it all …so sorry to read about Mom’s shoulder..god bless her…doesn’t seem fair after all she has been through last year…drink that wine my dear…at the speed your running you need it for energy 🙂

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