Mar 30, 2012

Who came first?

…the chicken or the iguana?

Who's turf is this anyway?

I have a long tongue....but I have a sharp beak!



Okay, you win.

We spent yesterday doing stuff.....Did I ever tell you about Eric? He is an RV technician from Winnipeg, Manitoba who lives in Mazatlan during the winter and makes house calls. Lucky us! We have been having problems for close to 2 years with a sluggish retracting front left jack and usually have used a shovel to put into place. Colin thought we should give Eric a try and he fixed it, rather creatively! He drilled hole lower down and here in the photo he is stretching the jack spring while Colin inserts bits of wood and other stuff to lengthen the spring enought to reattach. Tough job for Eric, poor guy!! However the process worked.

We got Lupe back yesterday afternoon to add another post to our temporary front palapa in the hopes of making it permanent. The extra post just might allow it to survive the summer winds and storms.

...and then there were eight, four RV's left in each park....adios Peggy & Robin and Kitty & Mike! Merle had already headed out and we got to hug Tris adios as she headed out for her last ATV run down the beach! They left this morning!


I found these shots in my files from last November and just had to share:)

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5 Responses to “Who came first?”

  1. marty says:

    Love iguanas! They sit there just like they are posing for a photo shoot. On a city tour once the guide brought us to a place where you could look all over Mazatlan, but the big attraction was the 3 foot long iguana that kept licking my sister Judy’s chin!

  2. Larry says:

    Contessa; Love the Chicken Iguana pictures. well done!

    • contessa says:

      Larry….glad you enjoyed my little story.

      George….something for you to contemplate while on the road today:)


      Chuck….we had all 4 springs redone about 18 months ago and they must have made an error in the one but seems to be good now. See you on the 9th!

  3. So.. who came first??? you didn’t tell us.

  4. CHUCK says:

    Collin, replace the springs I did last year, they are about $20.00 each, they have model #’s on them. Call HWH they are great to work with, have them delivered to my house.


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