Mar 29, 2012


Sunday, March 25….a great day outside, lots of sun, many many locals on the beach today.  I was very impressed by how many picked up all the trash around them before they left.  A huge improvement over past years!  5:10 PM and still 80F!!  I will have to try and remember this warmth next week:(

Colin thoughts….He went out at 9PM to enjoy our last Sunday night of Cantina music, our ‘last Hey, Hey, Hey’!!!    The sounds of the ocean and the music…that is what he will miss.

She has had breakfast, an afternoon snack and an hour before dinner Caeli is giving me a clear message....that is why when we get back to Canada she soon becomes known as 'the porker'!!

Monday, March 26….the horses just came past, come right up to our wall, what a sight, morning after morning!  We are soooo lucky to be here.

Such a freedom....


Tuesday, March 27….had a massage this morning, got the plant pots stored and spent the afternoon with a great book in the sun sipping Pinot Grigio….life is perfect!

Just some afternoon loving in the sun....


Wednesday, March 28th…great beach walk this morning.  The heat of the sun feels so good, seems like the water is warming up.  Colin went into town for his last massage.  Guess that’s it for the pangas and pulmonias till November.

....a so so shot of a hummingbird enjoying my yellow aloe flowers this morning.

Thursday, March 29th….time to get moving just a tad faster in the packing up mode!  Reading other blogs and getting emails from friends heading directly North, it is cold, very cold and wet!  C’est la vie!!

Had a lovely farewell meal yesterday with Carol and Gary at a very very new restaurant here on the Isla, Island Beach. Menus should be there today! The food is excellent, now they just have to learn how to make a margarita!


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  1. A nice way to wind down your stay, before you know it you will be back!

  2. Mary says:

    What a great blog, about the last days of this season on the will be missed. Have a safe trip back to your other home.
    Will see you soon

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