Mar 28, 2012


Would you not like to be pain free?  Who wouldn’t?

I think most people have some aches and pains, some minor, others major.

This review is from: Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain (Paperback)

Written by an author who has suffered with chronic pain himself, Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain takes a specific stand on why you’re hurting and what you should do about it. In a nutshell, the idea is that chronic pain is due to imbalances in the body- mainly those of posture and alignment, which can be corrected through proper motions the book calls “E-cises”. Here’s a few highlights…

-the book starts you out with three chapters that go over its main ideas
-from there, you go to specific chapters for specific problems (like the foot, the back, the shoulder, etc.)
-you’ll find lots of good pictures that do a good job of showing you how to do the exercises
-you don’t really need a lot of equipment to do the exercises- mainly some pillows or something to rest your arms and legs on
-there are routines for maintenance, as well as specific sports (like soccer, football, etc.)

Mostly good stuff here, as you can see, and an all around sensible approach I thought. I did find the exercises simple enough, and will probably help relax a lot of pain sufferers to boot.

The negatives? Not many. The only thing I think that might turn off some people, is the time involved- sometimes its recommended you do them for 45 minutes to an hour. But, you get out of it what you put into it.

Colin and I were gifted this book at Christmas by a RMT ( Registered Massage Therapist from Canada ).  As many of you know Colin has been suffering tinnitus for a few years and he was willing to try anything for some relief.  Once he started doing the exercises for about 15 minutes per day he quickly experienced less ringing.   Of course we shared our information with others.  We purchased a second copy of the book and have been passing it around Tres Amigos RV Park.  At least a dozen here have started doing the exercises and immediately found a bit of relief to a great amount of relief from their pain.  One fellow was able to start playing volleyball.  One person was totally relieved of continuous back pain and was able to resume her normal activities including bike riding.  We also mentioned this to a few friends back home and in the USA who purchased the book and  were happy with the results.  One person recovering from knee surgery found the relative  knee exercises helpful in regaining movement.  Even her physiotherapist was surprised and is looking into this book.  All these people  were helped by our word of mouth in two months!!!  Quite amazing!

The causes of chronic pain are based on common sense and well documented in the book. The related exercises depending on your area of pain are well explained, simple and can be done anywhere without the need to purchase any special equipment.  However you do need to do the exercises daily and to keep doing them.

When Colin went to Culican in early March it quickly became clear to him that with only 4-5 hours of sleep per night he would have to forgo his tinnitus exercises.  He wasn’t surprised that the almost gone ringing in his ears returned.  It has taken close to two weeks but he is slowly regaining control over the ringing.  In a recent massage with the RMT who gave us the book, she mentioned that his posture was in fact changing, that the muscles, etc. were allowing things to shift, thus alleviating the pressure that likely had caused the tinnitus.  Thinking back Colin realizes that both his work and his guitar playing likely created an abnormal posture which resulted in his problem.

The wonderful thing about the book is that it addresses various areas of the body from wrists to shoulders, backs, ankles, neck, etc.  Pain Free can be purchased online for as little as $6.00USD.  There is also a website which discusses the book as well as many clinics located throughout the USA and in Mexico City and Japan.  By navigating the Egoscue website you will be able to discover for yourself the many benefits of this simple technique.

We are so captivated by the facts that this Egoscue Method works that we are travelling to the San Diego clinic for a session with Pete Egoscue himself for a personal evaluation and personally chosen exercise program.  If you can’t get to a clinic personally you still can be evaluated online.  There is now even an Egoscue University where therapists from all over come for certification in the Egoscue Method.

So if you wish to become Pain Free, please check into it.  We will never forget Mary who gifted us this most wonderful of all gifts.  Life without pain.




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  1. I’m a fan of healing we can do for ourselves. After all, we do the healing anyway, we just need to know how. That’s good news about Colin’s tinnitus; I had never heard of anything that helped much.


  2. Marty says:

    I can’t wait to hear about your visit to the clinic. I am a firm believer in using the most natural methods available to heal ourselves.

  3. I believe most of our health issues evolve around our posture, anything natural is better than pills.

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