Mar 05, 2012

Slow news day!

Colin got to Culiacan about 5PM yesterday safely and soundly and all is well.  Big bonus for us is that he brought our laptop and he is able to pick up wifi and email me easily rather than just once per day as in the past.


This morning, about 7:30AM, the four RV’s headed North.  They will be in Los Mochis tonight, San Carlos Tuesday night and Wednesday they will be meeting up with friends Marilyn and Larry, whom 3 of the 4 couples know.  Best part of it all is that the Amazing Vanstones will be waiting with open arms and a prepared dinner!!!!  Lucky ducks!!

Adios Marjorie & Bob! Gord & Pat just keep following those yellow kayaks and you will be just fine.


I was facing the sun in this shot which is my excuse for poor photography. Do you see that 5th wheel overtaking the Class A. That belongs to Barb & Don ( from Ontario ) who are bidding a fond adieu after 5 years here at Tres Amigos. Roger & Susie in the motorhome are just hooking up and will bring up the rear!!! They as well as the other couples will be returning. I had tears in my eyes saying goodbye to Barb & Don, who knows when and where we shall meet again!


Caeli is doing better, I am having a fight now to get her meds into her, liquids, yuck.  I am better with pills.  If only Colin were here to help.  After breakfast, we went for a walk where she finally did her normal business!


A bit foggy on the beach today but nice and warm!


Did some laundry by hand, finally ate, put some wine in the fridge, tidied up and now the blog post!!  Not much free time or so it seems.  I am off to a massage this afternoon and then intend to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.  Not even a second dog walk!  It is me time!!!


I have been meaning to post about the first set of Rvers who left on Feb. 27.  This group followed much the same route at those who left today with the exception of staying at Santa Ana rather than San Carlos.  Hermosillo is still under road construction and as I reported in November, take the road marked Trafico Pesado to miss most of the mess.  One couple went thru Nogales but we have had no report of how that went.  The others crossed at Lukeville with no problems at all and in record fast time.


At the KM 27 just before Lukeville, Immigration scanned & cancelled FM’s in minutes.  Then the vehicle stickers were photographed and removed with a heat wand device, the info put into the computer and the folks told that their refunds would appear on their credit cards in a few days.


At the border going into the US, they were dog sniffed, passports checked and all told to have a good day as they were waived through.


Now that the RV’s on heading home slowly I will keep updating anything I hear regarding the long road North!



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4 Responses to “Slow news day!”

  1. chuck says:

    Let us know if anybody has seen the credit back on their card and how long it took.

    Curious Chuck

    • contessa says:

      Chuck…..I will do complete post on that but meanwhile I can tell you that one couple received their refund the next day.

      Larry…..the entire bottle I did enjoy:)

      George…5 here in RV1 and lots still in RV2.

  2. Larry says:

    Contessa Enjoy the Vino Blanco

  3. Must be getting pretty quiet there now?

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