Mar 01, 2012

The Perfect Margarita

The perfect margarita is best enjoyed on a warm to hot afternoon while overlooking a beach in Mexico!  I have made it my quest for these past ten years to seek the perfect drink.  From East to West and North to South, through much of Mexico I have sampled and sampled and sampled.  Many margaritas have outright failed and a few have come close.  The best of them all has been found right in my own home.

You start with limes, the small ones, cut them in half.

Using a lime squeezer, make some lime juice.

Once you have assembled the necessary ingredients, tequila ( I don't subcribe to the theory of white or gold, any type will do ), Controy known as Triple Sec or Cointreau North of the border ( an orange liqueur ), fresh lime juice, a cocktail shaker and ice, you are ready to proceed.

If you know how to read you also can make the perfect margarita.  On the back of the Mexican Controy bottle is the recipe.  The total quantity does not matter as long as you remember to use, 1 part Controy, 3/4 parts of Tequila and 1/2 part of fresh lime juice.  Pour over ice and shake and serve.  This can also be mixed in a blender if you prefer.  Just remember to keep amounts used in the correct ratio.  If you use 4 ounces Controy, then use 3 ounces of Tequila and 2 ounces of lime juice.


There are many types of glasses available to serve your drink in.......


The key to the entire process is to sit back, relax and enjoy! Repeat as required!


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12 Responses to “The Perfect Margarita”

  1. Sounds like perfect recipe for a perfect beach day !

    • contessa says:

      George……now we just need another perfect beach day!

      Karol….hope you enjoyed your drinks. Great news about Gary.

      Ena….are you sure you don’t want to come for a visit soon?

      Croft…….then next winter we can compare techniques 🙂

      T n T……you two enjoy everything!!!

      Connie…I was mucho relaxa!!

      Pat…okay I will provide Controy but you make the drinks.

      Elaine….I won’t let you have more than 3 doubles!!~ The chair is waiting!

      Jean….let me know how it turns out. The glass is one of a kind.

  2. Karol says:

    Hi there…..been a long time. See you soon!

    I have been out of touch with the making of Margaritas so thanks for the tip. We are going to the Jimmy Buffett concert front row seats on the 10th for Gary’s cancer free party. I will try making them tonight just to make sure I get my taste buds working. We don’t have the Mexico beach but we do have the San Diego Beach and Sunset…. Will be thinking of you at Sunset.

    Gary & Karol & Molly

  3. Ena says:

    oh yum!

  4. Croft says:

    Thank you for the recipe! I have seldom had a really good margarita and this sounds like the real thing. I will try it!

  5. Trent and Teresa says:

    Hmmmm …. We LOVE margarita’s !!

    Enjoy, dear friend …. take care …. Trent and Teresa

  6. Connie in PA says:

    Thanks for the margarita recipe – can’t wait to try it – you look so relaxed!

  7. Pat says:

    Sabado son las 4:30….tenemos los limones y tequila, tienes Controy. Perfecto!
    Yes, a great recipe for margaritas.

  8. Elaine says:

    I should be sitting in that other chair right beside you!!!!! Drinking mine out of a bucket 🙂

  9. Jean says:

    thanks for the margarita recipe, will be trying it for sure. and I love the glass.

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  11. zoe says:

    Hey Contessa, noticed in the first picture that the lime is wrong side up but in the second, it is correct. I have a visitor right now from Seattle and she thinks my lime green lime squeezer is just the bomb!”Hey, these can be purchased most anywhere, kiddo”, I laughingly told her. She has just not made enough margaritas but I bet she does now when she goes home. Not to mention pico de gallo which she wants to make most everyday and guacamole every OTHER day! Nice to show people Mexico, isn’t it? I envy you Stone Island but then I knew I would miss much about Maz. Keep on living the good life.

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