Feb 27, 2012

Stimulating Sunday

A perfect beach day!  Lot of sun, some wave action and even a bit of fog for a short bit, just to make things dramatic.  The Isla was alive with many visitors, lots of loud ATV’s and motorbikes driving the beach and many heavy duty off road vehicles plus a variety of watercraft, the horses of course and many dogs!!  The senses were indeed stimulated.


Even one lone sweet pea flower was stimulated to bloom!!


Marty & her husband Stan, blogger friends from Montana came to the Isla for a wee visit.

It was while we were having lunch at 'Elsys' that the fog crept in and the crept out again.

Caeli had 2 guys fighting over her while Carmeh said "what about me?"



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  1. Another day of fun in the sun. gotta love it!

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