Nov 30, 2011

Palapa #2 !

Well actually it is an addition.  Can you believe it, we are already into renovations!

We love our palapa but we still have full sun coming into the RV front window.

So we built a mini palapa to create shade. Felipe called it a sombrita palapa.

Don't get too close Caeli...

...we all love the beach!

...and so our second palapa was completed! While we were walking on the beach the fellows trimmed the palm fronds right back to the top edge of the palapa thus decreasing our much needed shade. They thought we preferred it all trimmed and tidy! So Colin came up with the idea of inserting some extra palm branches here and there. Notice who is down below just watching! Good old Pedro! Anyway we were able to decrease the inside temperatures by 8 degrees and have been able to remove the window screen giving us an even better view. Completed photos soon.

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5 Responses to “Palapa #2 !”

  1. Ken & Margot says:

    Contessa, we are not ignoring you, we have gmail problems yet to be resolved. Will be in touch from Mesa when fixed. KenB

    • contessa says:

      Ken….great to hear you are on the road! Most important of all~

      George….we believe in balance, we can’t sit in the sun all day, this site had NO shade and lots of dust on a normal basis. Our site is now perfect for us and we are muy feliz.

      Larry….no lease ( very good ) but certainly customized for us. Can’t beat it. We love it and will keep coming for as long as we can then we start using our US membership park but nothing as perfect as where you are now.

      Sandie…..I think after 40 minutes of walking they get so hot that we are able to coax them to cool their feet in the water.

  2. Looking good. But I thought you went to Mexico for the sun and the heat, me confused?

  3. Larry says:

    Looks like you have a long, long term lease. Looks good too.

  4. Sandie says:

    And I thought you were done with the building stuff and were just going to relax. And how in the world did you get the girls to go into the water. Ours won’t even go outside if it’s rained and there’s a puddle out there.

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