Nov 23, 2011

Big time relaxation

That is what we did yesterday!  R E L A X  !

Other than 2 walks on the beach we just enjoyed and  did nothing much at all.

We had Pablo put our 2 plumeria trees in the ground. They have done well in pots for 2 years but now they will have a permanent home and I have over 4 months to pamper them along. Of course that means I have 2 empty pots that need to be filled.

We put a out a few things like table clothes, a light for the BBQ, our flags but nothing requiring energy.

Even the sunset was laid back!

We ended the evening with a perfect BBQ meal and vino and peacefulness.  I was in bed by 8:30PM.  Our little sign says it all.  We are Happy Campers!!

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4 Responses to “Big time relaxation”

  1. Connie in PA says:

    The Happy Camper sign is sooooo you two – it must be heavenly to be right at the beach and come and go as you like – no parking meters, boardwalk, or crowds to deal with – E N J O Y!

    • contessa says:

      Connie…thanks….it is pure bliss! The sign is even more perfect because it incorporates the 5th C, our parrot Cheikka whom we had to give away.

      George….yup….we are down to relax, relax, relax….

  2. About time, sure is nice to relax, enjoy !!!!

  3. Marie B Weber says:

    Hi agree with all Connie said. We just need to make this happen, also. Life is good.

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