Nov 21, 2011

Settling in!

We spent yesterday doing a bit of a set up.  Colin as always did so much more.  Tire covers and mirror covers are now on, we are not moving this bus for a very long time!!  There are many little things that need doing to make this our home and that will happen over the next week.  I got the hummingbird feeder up which they found right away but have not yet discovered the birdbath I made for them.  The orioles are staring to come back as are some finches.  We are doing things but at a much slower pace.

Yesterday was big day in Canadian football.  It was the semi finals for both the East & West divisions.  Next Sunday will be the game of the season, the Grey Cup!  Yesterday the East was won by Winnipeg which is where Colin was born.  The West was a game between the Edmonton Eskimos ( where I was born and raised ) and the B.C. Lions where we live.  Donna & Brent from RV2 ( there are 2 RV parks here, we are in the smaller park RV1 and just 1/2 block away is RV2, a larger park, but all still Tres Amigos ) hosted a pot luck dinner.  I felt torn who to cheer on but in my heart I was pulling for the team from Edmonton.  The entire time we watched the game I kept seeing my Dad sitting in his living room in Edmonton practically playing each play with the players.  Sorry your team lost Dad.

It was a wonderful meal, surrounded by RVer friends ( even the Americans got into the spirit of the game ) and another perfect end to the day.

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4 Responses to “Settling in!”

  1. Susie larose says:

    Thank,s for taking a great pic, we didn’t take any. It was a great potluck,visiting and B.C. Lions won!!

    • contessa says:

      Susie…it was a great time with friends. The shot did turn out great.

      Mary……gracias, all Colin’s idea!

      George….life is perfect here on the Isla, well at least we think so!

  2. mary klassen says:

    I do like your mirror covers on your RV, they are cute.

  3. Just another great day at the beach, and another great reason for a fun happy hour!

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